Friday, 1 June 2012

Friday Flowers

Firstly..Hi to all my new readers!
And secondly...IT'S JUNE!!!! I am loving the light, it's light in the morning, it's light all day and it's light at night, I can't get enough of it! We've been spending most evenings out doors, hanging out with the chickens so the house has been a little neglected, thought I'd brighten the place for the weekend with some pretty posies.

That's better.....
Hope you're all having a lovely Friday and have nice things planned for the weekend!
Stay tuned folks xx

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  1. Hi Linda,
    How sweet, you are truly posied up for the week-end. Nice idea. And yes, you were the Linda in my post, the list was of my 12 sweet followers. Until i started to blog myself, i never realised how much a comment or a follow would mean.


Thanks for all your comments : )