Saturday, 23 June 2012

Find a safe place

Our house is upside down, stuff everywhere! and Mary who doesn't do disruption has taken to her bed (I'm finding dealing with the mess difficult too, maybe I'll join her, except not in the hot press) The thing about starting to paint is that once you've started painting the walls, then the floors look really grubby, and it turns into a massive job! I'm trying to stay calm, but my problem is I rush things! The big lad keeps me right though, he's the ying to my yang, "put your feet up" "finish it tomorrow" Frankly I'll be glad when it's all done and so will Mary!

Speaking of rushing things, our new washing machine arrived on Friday. Eager to get started on the mountain of laundry that's been building up, so says the big lad "better read the instructions" Me "NA, sure how hard can it be" WRONG!!!! MUST LEARN NOT TO RUSH THINGS!! Whacked on a wash, seemed to be working well, UNTIL . . . The spin cycle! What only can be described as demonic, the machine thrashing and actually jumping out of it's cove! Screaming ensued " AH! DO SOMETHING!! TURN IT OFF" Turns out, (I'd know this if I'd read the instructions) there are four large screws that need to be removed before use! DOH! Another lesson learned, and luckily not the hard way, the machine is not broken, (phew! or it would have coming out of Mary's pocket money)

Hope your weekend is filled with fun! 
And remember not to rush things xx

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