Sunday, 21 June 2015

Making in miniature

My recent dolls house purchase has opened up a whole new world interior design love for me, this time in miniature. I'm trying to make as much a possible for the house it's all very Blue Peter style make it out of cardboard and matchboxes but it's a lot of fun! I've been posting a ton of pictures of my house project on Instagram using the hashtags #dollshouse and #miniaturestylist and I've found so many other dollshouse enthusiasts to follow. So far I've been working on the downstairs, here's some of the living room progress!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend x

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Home under the hammer

Every Thursday I pass a local auction, every Thursday I pop in to have a nosy at what's selling. A couple of weeks ago I found a fabulous dolls house was up for auction, I fell in love, this one was perfect, in need of a good clean but otherwise the 1970s style and the colours of the house were perfect. I went to the gym, had a think about it and decided to go back and bid on it. In my head the highest I was going to go was £20, as lot 76 got closer my heart was beating faster! The starting bid was five pounds I waved my number and then....the hammer went down! Eeeekkkk I couldn't believe it! Five pounds plus the commission meant a total outlay of £6.25!!!!
I've since found out through an Instagram friend that the house was made in England during the 1970s by a company called Toyworks. I've given the house a clean and the floors came up shiny and like new! Just look at those rugs!
I've always loved mini things so I couldn't wait to get started making things to fill my  lovely new house. I cleared a space on top of some drawers for the house but every time I want to use the drawers everything in the house was only to shake and fall all over the place and if the house is always turned I wouldn't get to appreciate the house front so the solution was a craft room rejig. Shelves were cleared, painted, the shelves will become the new rooms, I will eventually have wallings dividing the rooms. The rooms we be filled with handmade furniture! Every tiny bit if rubbish is being looked at in a different light and match boxes are featuring heavily! I'm having lots of fun already! In keeping with the age of the house and my own personal favourites the decor will have a retro look, can't wait to share more!
Have a brilliant weekend everyone!