Thursday, 14 June 2012

On the bed with Mary

Home after a busy week working in Limerick and looking forward to a good nights sleep in my own bed, with Mary on the side.
Anything for a bit of warmth!
Testing the water with the new throw, just resting her head on it for now.
Does your pet share your bed? I draw the line at Mary though, I'll not be sharing the bed with Betty, Beryl or Ethel anytime soon! Lovely as they are!


  1. Always nice to get home after being away. Does our pet share our bed, em... our pets at the moment consist of one knarly old cockerel
    and 250,000 honey bees, so that would be a no.

  2. What? No chickens in your bed??? Well, me neither...and no pets either...handsome husband Noel says "no"... and the only inside pet we have is my sister's cat Mama Kitty that we are fostering until Tamara lives somewhere where she can have her back! It's crazy that I do this and my outside cats are sooo jealous! I have to apologize to them on a daily basis!

  3. I missed this! Your puss is a cutie and so's your pretty retro bedding.
    We have to share our bed with our two kitties or they'd be hell to pay. I'd draw the line at Jacob, my tortoise. He's cute but too hard and scaly for cuddling. x


Thanks for all your comments : )