Saturday, 9 June 2012

A day in the life

I been wanting to do a photo an hour blog for a while, so today was the big day. At the weekend I don't wear a watch (unless I'm out for a run) I wear one all week but just like the freedom of the weekend and not having to do things at a certain time, so trying to keep track of the time for a photo an hour was difficult! I made it to about 6 o'clock then gave up, plus who really wants to see photos of me doing my housework?  Here's what I got up to.....
Feeding time with the girls, they make me smile : )
 A strawberry, banana, blueberry smoothie, happy on the inside : )
A run along the river
Hand washing, our washing machine has died, all I need is a mangle and I'd be sorted!
A mooch around St Georges Market
Belfast graffiti
An afternoon treat in Clements, my favourite, chocolate decadence (AMAZING) and the best coffee in Belfast (in my opinion)
The Degree show at the Art college. I'm feeling inspired!
Passing the In Shops, it's all but gone. This used to be the Fashion Souk....what does the future hold for this building?
A visitor in the garden. His visits are becoming less frequent since the arrival of the chooks, I think poor Seymour even looks different! More frightened! Wee pet!

Hope you all had a nice Saturday, what did you all get up to? xx

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