Saturday, 27 April 2013

Nik Naks, where birthday dreams come true!

I turned 33 last weekend, wooo hoooo! And no birthday would be complete without a little bit of what you fancy and I'm not talking about birthday cake....thrifting of course. A birthday trip to Nik Naks along with my sister made all my birthday wishes come true, a doll (or two), a colouring in book (or few) and a kitten picture (or four)...(wellllll it was my birthday) I guess I'm really just a big kid at heart!


 While searching for Nik Nak opening times I stumbled on this blog review, had to laugh at he guy sleeping on the couch, it's that kinda place.

Until next time Nik Nak

Have a great weekend everyone xxx

Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Old Hen House

I was lucky to have the day off on Friday, after I'd given the house a quick lick, enough to keep the big lad happy, I took myself off on a wee adventure to find The Old Hen House. Last time we'd tried to find it we got completely lost, but after meeting them at the vintage fair a couple of weekends ago, I was able to find it. It's just outside Donaghadee County Down, follow signs for the library, stay on that road a couple of miles out, on the right side, down a country lane (I'm not brilliant at giving directions!) Imagine a place where all the things that are great about old properties end up, from windows, to door handles, nothing is thrown out. The owner Pete was completely lovely, he made me a brew, chatted away and let me scratch away to my hearts content....

 Tons of beautiful tiles, could be perfect for sorting this mistake out


I came home with a deck chair and shame on me, ANOTHER cat ornament.....I'm making up for the deer ornament Phil broke the other day, kittens and ornaments are not a good mix!
 I had to stop on the way home for a photo of Donaghadee, beautiful!

 Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

Friday, 19 April 2013

Friday Flowers

I'm off today and in the mood for getting stuff done, apart from the usual, groceries and housework... I'm thinking a little trip round a few of my favourite charity shops, It's been too long!
Friday flowers is brought to you today from Amsterdam, I really want to get my own bike now and to decorate it with flowers, so bright!

And because tomorrow is Record Store Day check out this cool floor from Record Mania in Amsterdam, I'd love to give this a go in our house. See how they made it here
 Time for me to stop watching Homes under the hammer, reading blogs and get started on those chores!

Have a great Friday everyone xx

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Working 5-9

Hello! 300th Post!!
A quick post tonight to tell you about what's going on at Refound this Friday night. Never mind the 9-5, it's all about the 5-9!
Three fantastic bloggers from Dublin to Belfast who have made blogging more than just their 5-9 will be recording and sharing their views on things from everything from Food,  living organically to lifestyle.

Meet the bloggers.....

Emily Westbrooks From China Village

Sarah Kingston Fair Enough Blog

John Ferris Forked

If you can't make it to Refound, here's a little taster of what's in store, a new fresh look for Spring, I love the pops of lime green.

I love the light in this building, beautiful!

Hope you're all having a great week!
I'm looking forward to a weekend of birthdays, myself and the big lad turn the 33! Looking forward to cake!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

'Shappin' Beg' translation 'Shopping Bag'

After a early start and half a day spent at the market, I thought it would be nice to put the feet up, have a drop of tay, munch on Easter egg and flick through my new copy of Mollie Makes.....only I flick through, see all the gorgeous things people are making, get inspired and have to rush up to the craft room to make somthing myself!
  Here in Northern Ireland we've just had to start paying 5p for a plastic bag, nah aaah, I'll make my own thank you very much! I do like shopping so I made two, one for each arm.....the only thing is remembering to bring them with me.........
Fab retro curtain fabric, thanks to Flo!

 It's works, and I saved myself 5p!

Have a lovely rest of weekend everyone! Happy making xx

Thursday, 11 April 2013

I Can't say No

I do have a problem when it comes to vintage, I can't walk past a charity shop without having a quick peek for fear that I might miss something AMAZING!! So the other day, I walk past a charity shop, see a picture I love, realise I don't have enough money (only 60p in my purse), sigh. With only minutes left on my parking  space I'm considering heading to the bank machine and risking a parking ticket....I decide to be good, it wasn't meant to be and head back to the car....... Only to put my hand in my pocket and find the two 20ps I found on the street the other day, then I remember!! I keep 1 pound in my car for the supermarket trolley.. I practically run to my car and back, hand over the two quid and make it back to my car just as my ticket expires! BRILLIANT TIMING!!

 Only problem is I've to go grocery shopping tomorrow and I don't have a quid for the trolley now...

Hope you're having a great week! I'm off to watch Mad Men I missed it last night......Any body else watching?

Monday, 8 April 2013

Phil meets Mary

It's been great fun having since bringing Phil home, he's such a shy wee crator, everyday it's nice to see him coming out of his shell and becoming more comfortable with his new surroundings. There's been a couple of hissy fits and stare offs mostly on Mary's behalf but she's coming aound to the idea of having Phil around.
bringing home Phil

 My 1 euro black cat from Dublin's Merchant Market.

 Have a great week everyone xx

Monday, 1 April 2013

Cat Vase

Thanks for all your nice comments on my last post.......
A little Phil update, yesterday we brought him home, he's very timid and a little unsure of his new surroundings, so far he's spent most of the time hiding under the bed and only running about when we're not in the room! He's got the biggest green eyes, wide as saucers, probably from pure fear! We're keeping him in a spare room at the minute until he settles a bit but we've been introducing Mary to his scent, she had a good sniff of my hand after I'd stroked him and did a little hiss, she has been queen bee for nearly 4 years!! I'd love a cat cam to watch what he's up to, I can hear him jumping about as I type, I think he might be climbing up my blue lurex dress, I can hear the hanger slapping off the wall! Mary has yet to see him, she's only heard his meow, I can't wait!! And hopefully he'll come out from under the bed and I can get some pictures to show you.

This gorgeous Swedish cat vase was a present from my friend Deborah. I love it!

I'm off to see what Phil's been up to! 

Hope you're all having a lovely Easter xx