Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Ooh Betty Goodies!

Hello Lovelies!
Hope you're all having a great week!
A nice surprise in the post this week, a parcel full of goodies from the lovely Ooh Betty. THANK YOU!!!
Pretty pastel earrings

I love this Spanish postcard from 1967

little peg dollies to make

 a very cute pin cushion

Folksy trim

a retro tea towel, I've got quite a collection now!

Senorita has been framed for the living room wall

Sunday, 27 January 2013


Hope you're all having a good weekend! For me it's been busy! Still suffering from vertigo after 3 weeks I'm fed up, I hoped it would have gone by now!! Instead of moping, Friday night was spent with some good friends at Karaoke, we call ourselves KK Karaoke Klub and what goes on in Karaoke Klub stays in KK so I can say no more....just to say KK is my ultimate new favourite night out!! And that I can murder a good Tiffany song.
Today was spent at St Georges Market where my sisters and I have collaborated our craftiness. We were lucky enough to get a stall today, 'Three Crafty Birds'....Pauline we'll have to change the sign if you ever move home!! I'm looking forward good times at the market! Although it's a dangerous place! There's so many tempting things to buy, my weaknesses gorgeous Vintage Pintage jewellery and Claire's yummy cupcakes!
Today I'm going off the thread of my sister Christine's new blog she posted about her crochet curtain, my mum's a super crocheter she was taught my aunt Irene and now I want mum to teach me! She's made me lots of things in the past, my favourite a multi coloured blanket. During my recent time off work I was suffering badly from cabin fever and changing rooms syndrome.... I came up with this idea....I hate our bed but don't want to buy a new one so mum's crochet blanket, a couple of pins and we've got ourselves a lovely new head board. The bed can stay!


Is it too early to go to bed at seven?

Nighty Night xx

Ps Tomorrow I'll show what the lovely Ooh Betty sent me 

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Happy Feet

I make myself a pair of cat shoes, cue the snow and ice.....roll on spring time so I can wear these new shoes out and about. I made cat shoes for my friend Deborah for Christmas and was going to make myself a pair in the likeness of Mary, but thought the white might get a bit dirty.
Take one pair of pumps, cut out some felt cat accoutrements, add a dash of glue

 It's been a good week....
I'm feeling a bit better and I'm back to work
We booked a break in Amsterdam, can't wait! Have any of you been before?
My parcel arrived from Ooh Betty! Love it, I'll show you all the goodies Emma sent this weekend, Thankyou Emma!
Hey! Home Wrecker got a mention in Sarah's blog Fair Enough Thanks Sarah!!
Met two new Northern Ireland bloggers  Bethany and Cassie (Bethany on Etsy and Cassie in real life!)
Maybe we'll be able to organise a Blognic this summer : )

Hope you're all having a great week!

Saturday, 19 January 2013

What's on your mantle piece?

Our mantle piece is an ever changing display of thrifted objects and special gifts. If the big lad gets his way we'll have a wood burning stove one day, which of course would be nice and warm but I still love the retro fireplace.
Thrifted retro vases
This little glass chicken, from my dad used to belong to Aunty Gertie and Uncle Jo, I love it!

A little black bird embroidery by artist Janice Hackney, a Christmas Present from the big lad.

A thrifty find, retro radio bought for £3, I works but I can only seem to pick up Radio 4 or Radio 5 live

A cute print by Jane Stubb Kirchhoff a present from my friend Catherine from her recent travels to Copenhagen, a thrifted pineapple pot and ivy the houseplant

Bob brought this home for us from Morocco, it's an antique purse

What's on your mantle piece?

Friday, 18 January 2013

Sew Colourful!

Welcome to new followers! Thanks for following my blog!
Is it snowing in your part of the world? I've battened down the hatches today! The snow has arrived here in Belfast, MEH!

I'm all delighted that Hey! Home Wrecker Facebook winner Ooh Betty liked her presents in the post! Check out Ooh Betty's Etsy shop here

Something I've been working on to brighten up a dull day. A very colourful cushion creation, For me it's therapeutic cutting out all the pieces then I love sewing them all back together and seeing the effect that it creates. I'm looking forward to making some new cushions this way but using different colour ways. I've added this cushion to my Etsy shop and hopefully in the coming weeks I'm going to get my crafting mojo on and add some more new exciting things.

Miss Jones, she's a great girl but not very reliable

Happy Friday everyone! 
Have a great weekend

Thursday, 17 January 2013

My jigsaw hell

A couple of days ago I posted about starting a jigsaw....
I gave up! It with so many missing pieces and random bits from other jigsaws in the box it was decided that it would not be finished. All is not lost,  I did manage to piece together the Mexican fiesta's leading lady (most of her) and I had a vintage frame lying around needing to be filled.

 A nice clear dining table!
Hope you're all having a lovely week xx

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Sew Sexy!..... Sew Funny!

Did I tell you about my passion for sewing?
I'm gracing the pages of  The Belfast Telegraph today, under the headline Sew Sexy! (OOh Laa Laa!) in a feature meeting people for whom sewing is a great passion in life. Everyone gets a mention 3 sisters, Gavin aka The big lad, mum, but I forgot to give my aul' Da a mention, so I'll give him one here. "Hi Dad!" Sadly though no mention of Mary and the chickens, I have to add they are essential to my sewing endeavours.
Bob actually laughed out loud when she saw the photograph of me (cheers Bob!) I do look slightly demented on the cover shot, and that I need a pee on the inside shot, hahaha
I'm going to have to frame this for the craft room wall!

A new programme starting in March on BB2 The Great British Sewing Bee will be a must see for all people who love to sew.
I'm away here to lock myself in the craft room for a hour.....I'll be tomorrow's chip paper
Happy sewing everyone!

Monday, 14 January 2013

The Simple Things-a washi tape project

I got a nice surprise in the post last week from my cousin Lynne, a brilliant book for all budding bloggers Blog INC a book all about blogging! For Passion, Profit and to Create a Community', 2 copies of The Simple Things magazine and 5 rolls of washi tape. Lynne is very inspiring! It was after I started reading her first blog Tea For Joy that I thought I'd like to write one too! Lynne now writes a new blog Papermash and her shop Papermash sells unique cards, prints, tags, tapes etc I couldn't wait to put the tapes to use, and after vowing to be more organised in 2013 I thought my first project could be a daily wall planner...
I found a couple of new blogs for the reading list in the mags Kat This Kat That
and Twenty First Century Homemaker
No surface is safe!

 I'm going to be SO organised now!
Linking up with Lakota's Ta-Dah! Tuesday over at Faith Hope And Charity Shopping

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Things I've learned about myself today...

1. I have a short attention span
2. I don't like doing jigsaws
3. I won't give up (that all might change)

At Christmas the big lad's mum asked for a jigsaw and I thought it might be good to try one while I'm laid up..... This retro thrifty find, Mexican Fiesta scene jigsaw set me back just £1....
I thought doing a jigsaw might be relaxing....
So far I've dropped the box of pieces all over the floor (twice), discovered that there are ALOT of missing pieces (and that's just around the edges) nearly given up!
 There's that just one more piece attitude that is making it come together....slowly!
It's now taken over the dining room table so we'll be eating off our knees until it's done so hopefully that will spur me on...

Fiesta time

Do you like doing jigsaws?

Friday, 11 January 2013

Friday Flowers


Today's arrangement a retro yellow flask circa 1970's and a very pretty single pink rose.....

Have a lovely weekend everyone! xx

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Everything on Display

Over Christmas I started a display wall in our bedroom, I figured what's the point in having quirky little bits and bobs if they're always hidden away? Some of the things I've pinned have meaning,history or were presents, some are things I've collected, thrifted or made, and others I just think are pretty. The centre piece for the wall, a string of coloured lights, a Christmas present from Bob and other than that I didn't have any particular plan when I was arranging stuff, it's all quite random, although I've grouped heart shaped objects together. I've been adding to the wall, so it will evolve with time, this time next year I'll look back and see how it has this rate there may be no wall left to see!!
just starting out....

Butterfly lights, battery powered, when lit flicker with fibre optic lights, a present from my da this Christmas.

The two little cherubs were a present from Alison in Lakota's Christmas swap and the Bonheur (Happiness) heart was a  Christmas gift from my friend Caroline

Guatamalan worry dolls, they come in a little bag, and before you go to sleep you tell them your worries in the morning they'll have taken them away, I've stuck mine in an Ikea frame, I hope they'll still work!
Two gorgeous antique spoons, another one of Alisons gifts to me in the swap, they're tiny!
I made this  little matchbox scene as a  present to the big lad for our going out for 10 months anniversairy nearly 13 years ago.....I love ewe

hearts are a theme....