Thursday, 21 June 2012

Half a year

Hello folks!
 I'M ON MY HOLIDAYS!!!!  Ten glorious days off work! Splendid!
Back at the start of the year it was my resolution to paint more...So far in half a year, I've painted four paintings, better than none, I guess!  I thought I try my hand at painting some flowers. You can see paintings one, two and three here
I give you painting Number four, Bonny Jean
We're Planning painting of a different sort next week, the decorating kind, our living room is getting a makeover. What a fantastic way to spend a week off work! (There's Heaton Park to look forward to as our reward). I'll take some before and after pictures. Next painting painting will be a portrait of the chickens, I'm looking forward to getting started on that one. Hope you're all having a good week xx

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