Saturday, 30 March 2013

We're Expecting!......

A Kitten!
 I can't quite believe this is happening, but after a little visit to Assisi yesterday, my wish for a brother for Mary is coming true! Let me introduce you to Phil, (He's called McKenzee at the moment, but we're renaming him after Phil Spector) I can't wait to get him home and give him some love!!!

We'll be spending the holidays introducing Mary and Phil, any advice is greatly appreciated!
Happy Easter Everyone xxx

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Ta-Dah Cushions!

Last Saturday afternoon was spent beavering away in my newly sorted out craft room. My plans were to make some vintage fabric bunting, I laid out the triangles to take a photo and had a brainwave, I could sew these together and make a colourful circle cushion. A little experiment, I made one, loved it so much I made 3 more! I'm linking up with Lakota over at Ta-Dah Tuesday Faith Hope and Charity Shopping go see what everyone else has been making this week...

Pop over to my sisters blog to see her latest DIY storage solution.

Happy Crafting Everyone xx

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Making Space

Yesterday I got down to an afternoon craftathon, it's been a while. My craft room had become a bit of a disaster area, filled with the fabrics and stuff from our market stall there was actually no room left for crafting! All the stuff in the there was like a mental block, I needed to have a tidy up and fast......


Hiding my fabric hoard and it's still spilling over, I'm on the look out for a second hand tall boy but this will do in the mean time

For the big lads benefit, I have to remind myself to do the chores!

Room nice and tidy now, freezing and snowy outside,........a great day to get my craft on!
I've got a stall at Decadence Vintage Fair At Belfast Castle coming up so I'll be making some new goodies for that.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend in your part of the world xx

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Amsterdam Thrifting

I'm on a no thrifting mission (again!) No really!! I know, how many times have I written this on my blog? Seriouly though, I need to start saving and if I keep popping into charity shops and seeing vintage goodies I can't resist, that'll never happen! If I can give up chicken (I haven't eaten chicken since Ethel passed) then I can give up thrifting.....weeelllll.... at least until the holiday fund starts to grow!
Before I go cold turkey a quick thrifting fix...... a couple of vintage finds from Amsterdam, I picked them up at the Waterlooplein Market, It's a good job our luggage wasn't any bigger!
The cutest deer picture
This romantic boy

A fab dress I can't wait to wear, just need to take it up a bit

And another little cat to add to cat collection
 What have you been thrifting lately?
 From now on I will only get my thrifty fix from blogs!Go forth and thrift....

Hope you're all having a great week xx

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Last Weekend Part 5.....Flo's Kaftan

I've been looking forward to sharing the last installment of my Last Weekend series. Rummaging through the bags of fabric at Flo's house I spied some pretty floral fabric, a one size fits all kaftan number. On first inspections I wasn't quite sure how this would look on, it seemed massive and the fabric a bit dodgy  and static, but I took it home anyway. Once it was washed I tried it on and instantly fell in love! The dress when laid out flat is basically a rectangle with a hole cut out for the head, sewed up the side with arm holes, it works for any size due to two ties on the inside which tie around your waist to give the dress it's shape. This dress makes me want to skip barefoot in a field, to feel the grass beneath my toes and the wind on my back......
So yesterday evening my friend photographer Kathryn and I went on location for a little photoshoot to do Flo's Kaftan justice. From the photos you'd never guess that it was BALTIC!! But great fun all the same and I even got to go barefoot! Roll on the Summer so I can wear this all the blogger in the making?

So thank you Kathryn for the lovely photos and thank you Flo for the gorgeous kaftan!

Kathryn takes gorgeous pictures and writes about her cool bean daughter Martha, over at Martha My Muse, pop over and say hello!

Have a brilliant weekend everyone! Happy St Patricks day xx

Thursday, 14 March 2013

What will I cover in washi tape next?

No surface is safe! I've been covering everything in washi tape......

I need to get out more!

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Dublin's Merchant Market

We visited our friends who live in Dublin last weekend and they took us on a little trip to Dublin's Merchants Indoor Market.....There was some pretty nifty roadside art leading up to the market, I can relate to this! Just imagine the big lad's the woman and I'm the man...... The market was full of interesting stalls bursting with retro goodies, *Eyes light up* I tried not to get too carried away and only left with a cat, a lamp, 6 glasses and jug and 4 glass set, spending a grand total of 16 Euro..... it could have been a lot worse! (I'm trying to save)

 I left the jug and glasses set with my friends as a thank you for having us down, but the lamp and yellow flower glasses came home with us, I forgot to take a pic of the new cat in cat collection, (worrying cat collection is growing at pace)

 Maybe another little visit in the future for this Dublin Flea

Thank you Ray and Monta for a brilliant time (Ray next time don't make the cup cakes as orangey, Ta!)

Have you been to any great markets recently?

Happy Mothers day tomorrow all the yummy mummys out there, I just know Mary has got me something really special :)

Oh! and Part Five of Last Weekend, my bestie Kathryn, photographer and writer of Martha My Muse is going to take some photographs next weekend (weather permitting) so stay tuned!

Bye for now xx Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Katten Kabinet

If your ever in Amsterdam I recommend a visit to the Cat Cabinet Museum Katten kabinet. I took lots of photos, too many for this blog to cope with, I'm having problems uploading them all! There was even a real life cat there, and chickens in the garden, so it felt like home from home. I'll save you the trip......

This reminded me of Mary

gorgeous Dutch kitten


That's enough cat art for one day.
 I've one final installment in the Last Weekend blog post series, Part 5, bear with me and if the rain stays away and a kind sister is willing to be my photorgrapher, I'll post it up this weekend.
Hope you've all had a good week, I'm off tomorrow and looking forward to a weekend at home catching up with myself!