Sunday, 3 June 2012

Mays Thrifty Finds

May was quite a month on the thrifting front. Things started on a high with an EPIC ABC charity shop tour with my sister. During the month I had to reign myself in, but by the end of the month I had well and truly fallen off the waggon again after discovering a new secondhand shop Used Unique Boutique. I took a trip there with my friend Deborah, and then into Newtownards for a quick rally around the charity shops. We did NOT come home empty handed! Surprised?
In the Used Unique Boutique I was prepared to hoke and haggle. I had to risk life and limb to find what I did, I climbed over some chairs, clambered over some tables, reached to the top of some racking (knocked something over! Woops! Sorry!) but it was worth it. here's what I found, all for £15 and I forgot to take a photo of the badminton racket....
Glasses not included
I think I'll use this to plant some herbs in.
Deborah came bought the Stars Wars soundtrack on vinyl, a old photograph in a pretty frame, a squirrel shell creature (She has quite a collection) a old tin and some books!
Hands full, we giggled our way to the car! "The big lad's going to kill me!! hahaha!!" This is the point where most normal people say "Didn't we do well, lets go home" OH NO!! Thirsty for more we headed to the charity shops of Newtownards for one final blow out......
Horse picture for £5

Pretty tea cup and saucer from Oxfam for £1.99, they were also sell the most beautiful yellow and white tea set for £9.99 but I resisted! GO ME!!
Deborah bought so many books, one charity shop was selling them 3 for 1 pound! Ridiculous!! She bought the most amazing flowery pink chenille bedspread, a steal for £8.50, sure you couldn't beat it with a big stick.
I think Deborah and I could be a force to be reckoned with when it comes to thrifting adventures! A lethal combination!!
 I'm looking forward to having a good nosey at all the amazing thrifty finds you've found out this week, I'm linking up with the lovely Sophie over at Her Library Adventures  Pop over there for your flea market finds fix!
Have a great Sunday everyone! x
May You've been LOVELY xx


  1. Seriously fab finds especially the cases and horse print! x

  2. Both cases are amazing. I thought i found a great case to-day, but as usual, the seller had only used it to transport her wares and it was not for sale. The flowery chenille bedspread sounds pretty fab too. Regarding your comment on Thrift Bee about chicken footwear, i can recommend Lidl's gardening clogs, cheap, washable and easy to kick on and off. A word of warning though if you have wooden floors where ever you kick off your clogs, hen 'residue' can leave stains on the wood, probably something to do with the nitrogen or something. Ok.... change topic. Your post has me thinking about heading oop north sometime for a shifty. Are there any great huge car boot sales that you would recommend?

    1. Oh, I hate it when that happens. Thanks for the footwear advice, I'll keep my eyes peeled for them, we do our groceries in Lidl, I've left a pair of wellies at the back door, but they're awkward to get on and off, the clogs would be perfect. You should definitely come up north for a visit, the best car boot sale here is in Dundrod near Newcastle, thirty or so miles outside Belfast every weekend but best on a Sunday. Have you been up here before?

  3. Delicious tea cup. It makes me want to don a lemon yellow sundress, cateye sunglasses and have a cuppa - if only I could find the sundress and glasses.

  4. Oh I can just imagine it!

  5. Oh I can just imagine it!

  6. Oh I can just imagine it!


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