Friday, 30 May 2014

Empty Nest

Our house is a little quieter this week, Bob has flown the nest. It's weird but Bob definitely needed her own space to spread her wings, having all her stuff cramped into a small bedroom was no good. Sad to see Bob go but on the plus side I now have two rooms to play with and space to spread my own wings! Everyday after work I've been cleaning, moving furniture, rearranging stuff, I love changing rooms about. When I was a kid I used to change my bedroom around constantly, I've never grew out of it. I'm 96.5% finished the changes, just a few things to do like iron and hang a curtain, make some new cushion covers, hang a picture, find some space for tshirts to go and then I'll take lots of pictures of the finished rooms to show you!

 The place was a mess, I started with Bob's room, cleared everything out and cleaned. Leftover paint from the kitchen makeover so the wardrobe has added a splash of colour to my wardrobe.

I'll save the rest for the finished room post!

Have a great weekend! xxx

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Going through the change

It's all change round here this week, Bob has flown our nest to pastures new, our kitchen is mid makeover amd now I have my spare room back I'm planning changes in my head. To take a break from it all and gather my thoughts I took the camera out to capture some of beautiful explosions of colour blooming all over the park. It was one of those days we've been having a lot of recently, sunshine and showers. I love the grass full of buttercups, I want to have a picnic in the middle of it!

We shrink from change, yet is there anything that can come to being without it? what does Nature hold dearer, or more proper to herslf? Could you have a hot bath unless the firewood underwent some change? Could you be nourished if the food suffered no change? Is it possible for any thing to be achieved without change? Do you not see, then, that change in yourself is of the same order, and no less necessary to Nature? Marcus Aurelius Mediations
Hope you're all having a lovely week! xxx

Sunday, 25 May 2014

On Bob's Menu

Hello All!
How's your week been? It's been a hectic week at this end, kitchen makeover continues and helping Bob, who is on the move has kept us busy all week. I can't wait to share the latest part of kitchen makeover with you, it's looking good so far!
This is a fun project Bob was working on as a birthday present for a little friend.One of Bob's great skills is that she can make anything out of anything! She carved away, covered in mod rock then painted these cool play foods!

All of a sudden I'm feeling hungry!

Have a great weekend everyone xxx

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Vintage Rocks

My lovely chum Kitty gave me some vouchers for Vintage Rocks Hair Parlour as birthday treat. I've been trying to grow my hair, not really sure why because I always prefer it when it's short, anyway I just got fed up and asked the hairdresser to cut it all off again into a pixie cut. I'm so happy with it again! In a couple of weeks a friend and I are running in The Race for Life so for charity (Sorry Dad!!) I've dyed my hair bright pink! I got all sorts of comments today about the colour of my hair, mostly "you're too late for the Giro" "Aren't you a bit too old for pink hair?" The big lad's first impression was one of horror, then he came around and actually quite likes it, it's all for a good cause and nothing a brown hair dye won't sort out in a couple of weeks time!

Vintage rocks is such a cute little parlour! I love the decor, cats and skulls everywhere! The girls are all lovely too! I'll get some pictures taken of the new hair, see what you think? I coloured my hair myself so no reflection on Vintage Rocks!! I always miss bits!

Hope you're having a great week so far xxxx

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Let's go outside

I'm enjoying spending more time in the garden. The grass has been well fertilised by the chickens during the winter and is looking greener than ever, the big tree in the neighbours garden is blossoming, the strawberries are growing and after a warmer winter will hopefully be sweeter too this year and the rocket patch after a bad year last year has all of a sudden come to life, we've enough rocket for the whole street! It's nice to be able to go the garden for fresh salad during the summer months. I remembered a pile of old floor boards in our attic, the big lad fetched them for me, I sawed them to size, used four corner posts and screwed the whole lot together for a new salad bed. The floorboards work well because they click together. I've planted spinach, lettuce and coriander. I love getting my hands dirty and watching for the first signs of life in the patch. Here's the latest edition....

During the dig I found a marble

I put Bob to work

That was a couple of weeks ago, there are now lots of little leaves growing and other exciting things happening in the garden too, I'll share some pictures during the week.

In other blog news! My friend Alison and her friend Sue have just started their new blog check it out HERE!!

Have you been up to anything exciting in the garden?
Have a lovely weekend xxxx

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Can you help?

I'm trying to help my sister Kathryn aka Bob raise funds for a charity visit she and a group of people are making to India in June. During the visit the group will spend time in the slums and in orphanages, painting murals and playing with the children. I thought I could have some sort of giveaway on my blog and Instagram were by if you donate you are entered in to win a prize. You can donate whatever you can via PayPal (my email address is and I will put the names into a hat and pick ten winners on the 11th of June. Bob is also abseiling down the side of the Europa on Sunday! Eekkk! I'll stick to blog giveaways!
Please feel free to share this on your blog too! Xxxxx
Hope you're all having a great week

Monday, 12 May 2014

Kitchen Makeover Update

I'm very pleased to say the smashed vintage plates mosiac in the kitchen is FINISHED!!!! I ruined the tiles ages ago by painting them, the paint started to chip off and it looked a bit crap and dark. The tiles under the windowsill were given the mosiac makeover first and it was quick to cover such a small area. The tiles on the other side were a different story, I started it ages ago and totally lost momentum with it. It sat unfinished for months until I finally crawled out of my I can't be arsed phase, the big lad and I joined forces and got the project finished. I'm really happy with how it looks! The kitchen makeover continues......

My little sunflower seedlings, a birthday present from my sister are sprouting up!

Have a great week everyone xxx