Sunday, 17 June 2012

Kitty Apron

Today I'm modelling my amazing Kitty print apron, a handmade birthday present from my sister Pauline. I love it! I love the retro style, the colour and the cute pattern, pink with white kitties, so cute!! Pauline was given the sewing machine last Christmas and is fast becoming a wiz on it, she made my other sister a beautiful makeup bag. I say it's well worth investing and learning how to use a machine, the possibilities of stuff to make is endless. 
I love this fabric!
Thanks sister Perlie xx I love my kitty apron xx


  1. Oh how cute! And how useful! I love the color and the rick-rack...tell your sister she did so well and when was your birthday? Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Linda!

  2. Happy Birthday to you-hoo! What a lovely gift from your sister. Homemade gifts ROCK. Fabric, style, ric rac all perfect.

  3. Happy Birthday! What an utterly gorgeous present, that fabric is purr-fect (sorry, I couldn't help myself). x

  4. Thank you, you lovely ladies, what I forgot to mention is that my birthday was in April, it's just taken me a while to post this one!


Thanks for all your comments : )