Tuesday, 5 June 2012


NEST is an opportunity for the people of Northern Ireland to create art on a massive scale through the simple act of donating an object.
The donated objects will be archived and each story transcribed to create create a unique digital record, and assembled into a gigantic installation/exhibition in the Titanic Quarter of Belfast. It will become the focal point for a large-scale music and choral event inspired and performed by the people of Northern Ireland.

"a glorious, poignant celebration of the people that make up Northern Ireland. The coming together of thousands of individuals possessions, thoughts, words, sounds and voices for the making of a single landscape, a single sound....a single NEST." of Brian Irvine & John McIlduff  (Artistic Directors of NEST)

I'm donating a keyring given to me my a work friend when I was leaving the job, sadly he died after being knocked down on a night out. This keyring reminds me what a fun loving person he was and to remember that life is short and to have fun.

Donations must be made by the 8th of June .
The installation/performance will take place at T13 in the Titanic Quarter. NEST will be performed Saturday 21st July 2012 4pm and 8pm. The final installation will be open for public viewing between Sunday 22nd July 2012 - Sunday 29th July 2012 daily. For all the details www.2012nest.com


  1. What a great way to remember your friend! And yes, life is short and should be lived to its fullest!
    PS - I also love those tags...

  2. That sounds like a very interesting installation. I love your choice of donation. Sounds like something worth getting involved it. x How are the chooks?

    1. Can't wait to see the final exhibition. The Chooks are doing great, Thanks! we've built them an area at the back of the garden, Beryl and Ethel's feathers are growing back and we have more eggs than we can eat, I need to start baking again!


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