Thursday, 26 June 2014

My Play Room

One of the best things I've done to our house is to make the spare room into a little sewing/craft room. Ever since I've been making and creating, I love to escape to my room, I'll turn on the radio and can happily spend hours in there. The craft room is always evolving most recently it became the craft room/wardrobe when Bob moved in, now she's moved on and I've spread out again, more space and time for more creating, here's a room tour

   These photographs were taken when I had just swapped the rooms around again, so it's looking extremely tidy! It's usually a bit of a riot! I hung a new curtain, added a shelf made from an old drawer my sister gave me, painted an apple crate white for another shelf, started growing my vintage tin collection, hung a gorgeous tea towel my aunt in America sent me and hung my tin hanging plant.

Hope you're all having a great week! xxxx

Monday, 23 June 2014


I'm thankful we're having a spell of lovely weather here.....
 Thankful for my new job and getting home earlier to enjoy the afternoon....
 Thankful that Bob is out of hospital and her legs are healing well.....
 Thankful I can get my toes out and feel the grass....
Thankful for yoga in the garden....

Hope you have a lovely week! xxx

Thursday, 19 June 2014


The big lad announced earlier this week that on Thursday he'd be watching the football and that there would be no birds allowed, apparently we talk to much over the football! Well, I'm quietly blogging in the corner and watching the football out of the corner of my eye! The cats have been put outside after England's last performance I don't think Mary and Phil's nerves could take any more of the screams!
My favourite house up the street has a skip outside it again! A couple of years ago they had a skip and I went for a little dive ever since I've had my eye out in case they decide to have another clear out and this week a skip appeared outside. Just passing I spied a couple of bits and went back later with Bob, who is out of hospital YEAH! for a hoke. We left with a bird table for my garden and a vintage mirror unit for Bobs dressing table, I'll maybe go back tomorrow see if anything new has been added! Got to love skip diving!!

Bob's new skip dived mirror!

My lovely wee bird Betty
 I love the bird print on this skirt, a birthday present from my sister last year.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!
Enjoy the football! xxxx

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

What Martha Wore

A quick break from the glorious sunshine to show you some cute photos of Martha in two of the new dresses I made for her. Photos are by Martha's mummy, my photographer friend Kat. I forgot how tiny Martha is! The dresses are a little big for her but I think she wears them well! She's TOO cute! Check out those freckles

 Check out the rest of the pictures Kat took here

Have a great week everyone xxxx

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Martha's Vintage Summer Collection

It's been a while since I made any dresses for my friend's little girl Martha. When Kat couldn't find anything in the shops that she liked she asked if I could make some dresses from my vintage fabric hoard that Martha could wear on her holidays. I had a rummage and found five fabrics that I couldn't wait to sew up, I adjusted my pattern by drawing out a larger version. My first attempt at putting in a zip didn't go so well, it's been too long but by dress number five I'd got the knack. Two duvet covers, two tablecloths and a bedspread have become Martha's vintage summer collection! Every spare minute this week has been spent sewing, I can't wait to see Miss Martha wearing her new summer gear!

My favourite has to be the yellow one, the fabric came from a bedspread, I've used it here for a giant lampshade makeover and here for a cushion, I LOVE the colours and pattern of this fabric.
I just discovered another local blogger Grace from Sew and So Forth, check out her blog here
Next on the sewing agenda are some new cushions for Bob's house. Bob has been in hospital for a week after an accident, she spilt a teapot full of water over her legs. Poor Bob! I can't wait until she is better.

Hope you're all having a great week?
Any sewing projects on he go? xxxxx

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Cheap and Cheerful

The spare room/my dressing room is finished and it cost zero to make the changes, everything I used I already owned, I just swapped things about. When Bob moved out I took down the vintage fabric tree, I asked my friends of Instagram if anyone wanted it and I posted it off to find new roots in England. Another new addition to the room are four amazing vintage Eve big eyed children pictures, one of my favourite Instagrammers @hollie_harris had a giveaway and I was the lucky winner! I couldn't believe it! I absolutely love these prints. Check out Hollie's Etsy shop here. I moved the display cabinet from the hall upstairs to house my growing shoe collection, I've picked up some great shoes in the charity shops recently, I think they need a blog post of their own. I took a LOT of photos of the new room....

Have a lovely week everyone xxx