Thursday, 28 February 2013

Last weekend.....Part 4..."Flo's" trinkets

We're back! Home from Amsterdam, we had a great time, but it's good to get back to wee Mary and the chickens. Though I'm going to miss the amazing dutch pancakes, bacon and maple syrup breakfasts I've been enjoying the last couple of days, back to porridge as they say. It's been a very lazy afternoon, perfect for catching up on the goings on in blogland, a lot can happen in a few days!

The long awaited for Part 4....Flo was a lady after my own heart, and loved a trinket or two. I was lucky enough to take these beauties home with me and they've fitted right into their new surroundings....
fish friends planter, what's not to love?

This naughty little lady ash tray, skirt in the air, her legs swinging back and forth

New comers to the deer pack

The window sill is getting crowded, I think I need a house like Raes

A lucky black cat!

And last but not least, a very cute owl air freshener

Mary enjoying the sunshine x                                                                                                                                                

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Last weekend......Part Three.....My Dearest "Flo"

Hello there,
Last weekend my sister took home a bundle of photos and letters from the house, I had a chance to read them and look though them properly today.
The letters written from Jimmie to his dearest "Flo" are the most romantic thing I've ever read, he loved her so much! She was originally from England and in his letters to her, he talks about missing her so much, that he can't wait to see her again and he writes 'Don't get run over'. In one letter he has arrived home from England and announced their engagement to his family, his younger brother and sister try to pull his pants down and climb all over him! his mother is very happy! In later letters they are married and he talks of how happy she has made him and they will be together until death do them part. The letters are really beautiful.
I have loved looking at their old photos, it seems they had a child, a beautiful baby girl, but they must have tragically lost her because she has left no family. Other photos show the couple with a dog Pepsi.
The couple worked together in Denny's (meat) factory in Portadown, one of the lovely things my sister took home was a telegram sent to Flo for her birthday in 1966, from Pepsi the dog!

I wonder if "Pepsi" got his bone ; )

Flo and Pepsi
 Dearest "Flo" where are you now x

Hope you're having a lovely weekend xx

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Last Weekend......Part 2 The Fabrics

 I'm back with part 2, pictures of all the yummy fabrics I got from the house last weekend, I can't wait to get them washed and get making!

Prepare yourselves.....The Motherload

 C'mere there's more.... Part 3....The trinkets!
 I know you can't barely contain you're excitement!!

I got a new hair cut today, I went for the big chop again, I should have taken a before and after pic, just
  imagine Worsel Gummage, now I'm chanelling my inner Iris the cleaning lady from The league of Gentlemen....
Ooh Betty sent me these lovely mauve flower earrings

 Hope you're all having a fab weekend! xx

Friday, 22 February 2013

Last weekend........Part One

Before  I start, I fear I may have got a little bit over excited about last weekend, I'm easily excited!

This is a story of joy and sadness.......

It all started when a few weeks ago, when I recieved a facebook message from a Primary 1 friend called Jonny. I haven't seen Jonny in years, only bumping into him a couple of times since we left school, but through the wonders of Facebook he'd seen that I love vintage stuff!

We had matching hair doos
28 years later
 His brother had just bought a house in the town where I grew up. Sadly the lady who owned the house has dementia and now lives in a home, her husband died and they had no family, the house was being sold to pay for her care. The house hadn't been occupied in over five years and was exactly the way the she had left it, frozen in time....
Jonny invited me down to see if there was anything I could make use of before it all went to be recycled, dumped or sold.
My sister and I made the trip....The house was something else! Acid yellow wood work and pink walls! 70's curtains and amazing vintage furniture. This lady and I could have shared style tips! By the time we arrived the clear up had begun, I'd have loved to have seen the house just as it was left.

We were shown which piles we could hunt through and I swear all my Christmases came at once!! Fabric, fabric and more fabric, OK, so it all stinks but I can wash it! This lady must have been a fabric hoarder (hangs ahead and looks shifty) she had packets of unopened curtains, tableclothes, sheets and bedspreads lots and lots of them!
By now Jonny is thinking my sister and I are totally mental, his mum is looking at us with great pity in her eyes......

After a good rummage we left, my car four bin bags heavier.....The fabric deserves a post of it's own, I'll take photos this weekend for part two...fabric photos!
I dumped the lot on the kitchen floor, that's not even half of it! It will all have to be washed but I'll wait until the better weather so I can get it out on the line.
After the afternoon in the house I couldn't stop thinking about the lady all this belonged to....What was she like? Why did she have so much fabric!? I couldn't help but feel bad that we'd been in this ladies house but I hope she'd be happy that her fabrics and trinkets have gone to a good home.

It was great to see Jonny again after all these years! Thank you SO MUCH for letting us rummage!! I have enough fabric to last a life time!
Tomorrow I'm having a haircut, I'm contemplating the big chop again, (weird It's almost a year to the day I had it all whacked off, must be a February thing)

And I called into the vets on the way home on the off chance they might have a kitten needing a new home!
They do! Our family might be growing! 5 month old Rodger, I've to call in again next week and talk to the vet, so we'll see >^^<

Have a brilliant weekend everyone xx