Sunday, 26 February 2012

Pancake Sunday

Weekend breakfasts are always the best! I'm a bit late with the pancake blog but why only have pancakes on pancake Tuesday when you can have them all year round!
Happy breakfast : )

4 oz plain flour....pinch of salt....sieve into a bowl.....make a well...break an egg into the well....gradually add half a pint of milk...until there are no lumps......leave it in the fridge for a bit....frying a knob of butter and use bit of kitchen towel to rub it in all over the pan....ladle the mix and cook...I added blueberries.....flip and cook both sides until golden....fancy flipping optional!....for the next pancake....rub the butter paper towel over the pan again.

Have a super Sunday everyone!

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Retro Rooms Show Returns

Good people of Belfast and beyond, the fabulous Retro Rooms Show returns to the Holiday Inn on Ormeau Avenue next Sunday the 4th of March. All the best vintage and upcycled goodies for retro lovers homes under one roof!

Friday, 24 February 2012

Bap Chap (translation haircut)

A special blog mention to my brilliant hairdresser Andrew, from Paul Staffford salon in Stranmillis. I used to fear the hairdressers but now it's fun! Had a haircut and colour today and feel brand new : ) Thanks Andrew!!
Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Cushions Cushions Cushions

I've got a new hobby! Making cushions!.....a super quick and inexpensive way to update a room. I'd been looking for yellow cushions everywhere and couldn't find any that I liked, then I was given my sewing machine, found some retro curtain fabric and whipped up two cushions using a easy peasy envelope design that doesn't need a zip. In Edinburgh I bought a gorgeous piece of brown and pink floral fabric from a vintage shop and I'm already planning my next project!

The floral cushions were made with the help of my sister, she is my sewing inspiration!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Haste ye back

We're home after a mini break in Edinburgh. What an amazing city! The architecture is beautiful, steeped in history, we had a great time......but surprisingly I've hardy taken any photos....too busy looking around, taking it all in! We seen a show in the Edinburgh Festival theatre, Jay and Silent Bob get old, not so much anything about getting old, more them talking a little about their visit to Scotland (haggis, Loch Ness monster etc), and ALOT about sex... the show...meh, the!, a deceiving, modern glass fronted buliding that behind the frontage hides a stunning theatre from 1928. We visited Edinburgh Castle, breath taking views of the city ( was very windy), brushed up on my Scottish history. We walked miles! the best way to see a city, even managed to mooch in the city's charity shops (couldn't help myself) All and all a fab time had by all! Home last night to a very hyper Mary who obviously missed the company!!

We missed pancake Tuesday but made up for it this morning...YUM! And so starts lent..... Last year I gave up chocolate, it was ridiculously hard (I LOVE CHOCOLATE!) but I'm going chocfree again (???? I like the challegne) so if the blog gets a little....angry, you'll know why! Giving anything up for lent?

Saturday, 18 February 2012

i found a Stray

You'll find Stray Jewellery down Church Lane in Belfast, the friendly owner Julie opened up her gorgeous, shop in 2011, YEAH!! i think it's just what Belfast needs, somewhere a little bit different! There is nothing in this shop that i don't love! Everything is so cute! Pretty handmade jewellery, kitsch bits for your home, and lots of cats!(not real ones) It's the perfect place to pick up a quirky gift..... but i always end up treating myself! Sure...why not when there's a Stray loyalty card!!
Definitely the prettiest shop in Belfast!

Bundles of cuteness in every corner, if you can make out the class cat tea cosy on top of the shelves, love!!

There's soon going to be a charge on plastic bags in Northern Ireland, I've found my perfect shopping bag!

Friday, 17 February 2012

I got it covered!

My first sewing project on my new make a cover....what can I say?....It's HUGE! although it does do the job, I probably could have used half the fabric! Oh well, not too bad for a first attempt... Having a sewing machine is great! My sister passed on some of her mags for inspiration, mollie makes is a brilliant one and I've been on the scout for some more vintage fabric....Friends, expect cushions for presents this year!
a little on the large side
found this groovy bedspread in a charity shop for £3
What to make next?...................

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Cat clothes In Debenhams

A lunchtime mooch in was hard to resist but I was very good and bought nothing!!
A cute jersey cat print dress £25 from Redherring

Cats in dickie bows, very smart!
Happy cat t-shirt £14 from Henry Holland

So cute!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Love Never Dies

From the streets of Belfast......

"Never say die"

night night x

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Nik Naks... Carryduff's best kept secret

A few miles out of Belfast, just outside Carryduff, down some country lanes you'll find Nik Naks. When we first visited Nik Naks it was a complete jumble of stuff, every corner of the warehouse rammed and the shelves a riot, stuffed to capacity but more recently they've had a sort out and cleared out lots of the rubbish and kept all of the good stuff! It's the one stop shop to find bits for your home if you're loving flea market style......Be prepared to bargain!! Myself and the big lad took a jaunt up there's some pictures of the things you can expect to find............
A gorgeous chocolate 3 piece suite, the guy said we could  have for £150!

An avocado bathroom suite, I'm predicting a comeback for coloured bathroom suites!

Lots of vintage luggage, even better when it still has the previous owners labels on.

The architects model of Victoria Square in Belfast, this would be amazing if you had a massive living room and could be used as a coffee table, definitely a conversation piece.

Chairs just waiting for somebody to reupholster them and love them again!

and so much more........................................

Friday, 10 February 2012

We found love, in the Chippie on North street

The Chippie on Belfast's North street is famous for 3 reasons.....
ONE..... AMAZING fish and chips!
TWO.......... Rihanna used it as a location in her We found love video!
THREE......... The owner's son was a contestant on ITV's Take me out, last Saturday night (anyone else watch this? it's our Saturday night guilty pleasure!)
I met two of my sisters there for lunch today as a Friday treat, ummmmm why are treats always so bad for you?
Sleeeeeeepppy now!
What's your Friday treat?

Thursday, 9 February 2012

I just called to say...I love you

Bbbrrrriinngg this lovely retro telephone cushion!
Our house phone is a retro lookalikey but definitely not as cool as the real thing!
We passed this red telephone box on a recent weekend road trip to Portrush, does anyone use telephone boxes anymore? maybe the odd superhero?

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Mary the helper

Thanks for the help Mary, couldn't have done it without you!