Sunday, 26 August 2012

This week I've been mostly thrifting....

And I was trying not to!
Hello! The sun is shining in Belfast today! (Sorry it's a Northern Ireland thing we're obsessed with the weather!)
Myself and the big lad have enjoyed our week off together, day trips and picnics and a new found love of playing frisbee. After last Saturday I was planning to go cold turkey on the thrifting front but I'm on my holidays! That is an excuse for a lot of things around here, like having ice cream everyday, "Sure, it's ok, I'm on my holidays!" On Tuesday we went on a little road trip to County Down, where the mountains of Mourne sweep down to the sea. First we visited Castlewellan Forest for a stroll and a picnic...
And the we drove to Newcastle and that's were the wheels started to come off! It's tradition when we visit Newcastle to go to the amusements my favourite the crazy frog game where you have to bash the frog with a mallet every time he pops up, love it! Taking out my no thrifting anger on the frog mustn't have worked because when we went for a dander up the town and I spied the charity shop I darted straight in before the big lad could say NO MORE! And I'm glad I did...First shop
 Two Magic Roundabout annuals from 1971 and 1972 in perfect condition (apologies for the fuzzy photo, it's making my eyes water)
Second shop  a vintage scrabble game and a 1970's sports bag which I've forgotten to take a photo of. The rain was coming on and the big lad was scundered so we forgot the ice cream and hit the road...
Driving home through Ballinahinch I spy with my little eye an AMAZING coffee pot! I am a danger on the roads when passing through small towns! The big lad's shouting "KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD!" and I'm shouting "I NEED TO FIND A PARKING SPACE!"
Accident averted I come home with the coffee pot and three mugs, it's another Meakin design form the 1970's I love the poppy design, poppy designs never go out of fashion.
And finally a little bowl, so cute I couldn't resist!

I have failed miserably but I am not miserable!
What I did manage yesterday was a whole Saturday and I didn't thrift one single thing, I think that's a first! Next Saturday I'll be back at That vintage Vibe Fair in The Red barn Gallery, Really looking forward to it!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend, I'm off for a game of frisbee with the big lad xx


  1. The poppy design is beautiful. great finds.

    1. It makes my poppy tray perfectly! The big lad won't let me keep it though!!

  2. Ooh, fab finds - well done! I love the annuals and the bowl especially. It's a good job I don't drive - I've nearly caused crashes already with my cries of 'Ooh a charity shop!"

    Nikki x

    1. Haha Nikki, maybe its for the best, though the good thing about driving is you can drive to all the charity shops in other towns and fill your boot!xx

  3. Hi Linda,
    Firstly obsessing about the weather is as much a pastime down south too!! When you look at your lovely photos of just how darn beautiful our country is, it is just as well its pissing down most of the time - otherwise we just wouldn't have the whole place to ourselves!

    Now that you are officially a reseller (Etsy and Vintage Fair) thrifting is no longer a happy hobby. It is WORK. And you make sure the big lad appreciates just how hard you work! ;)

    Loving the poppies.

    1. haha! I do work extremely hard! I think it secretly loves it! Altouh not the pile of boxes mounting up in the corner of our living room.
      You've got to love our weather, gorgeous yesterday and wet and wild today, you never know what to expect! have you got any good jam making advice, the blackberries are soon to be ripe for the picking round here x

    2. Oh certainly.
      We only ever make blackberry/bramble jelly. We make tonnes of it, and its fab.
      Make sure you are ready to make it as soon as you bring in your haul. berries go off very quickly. Or wash and freeze them until you are ready.
      For Jelly you heat the berries then strain the juice (nylon sieve/muslin or jelly bag) Gets rid of all the big seeds and bits (and bugs) then boil up the juice with the sugar. I always use the 'crinkle' test which normally works for me.

      Have you made jam before. I'm always surprised at how quick and easy it is.

  4. How gorgeous does the weather look? It's not just a Northern Ireland thing, we're all obsessed! That Magic Roundabout annual takes me right back, I had that as a kid! x

    1. Lovely until the dark clouds rolled in and it peed down! always have to be prepared with brollies and raincoats x

  5. Linda-
    That wee bowl is so flippin' fab!!!

    1. Thankyou so much for the gorgeous fabric! I love it xx


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