Friday, 10 August 2012

All the fun at the fair!

 Home today from a crazy, hectic, busy working week in Galway. The four and a bit hour drive down had my knees turning to jelly.  The weather in Galway was amazing, caught some rays sitting on a swing chair in front of woodies DIY during tea break time. The air con in my car needs a service so today driving home on one of the warmest days of the year, the choice was to have my head blown off or have warm air blowing in my face....arrived home hair like a birds nest, literally stuck to the seat of my car....gross! Anyhoo great to be home to the much missed big lad, Mary and the three girls!
I've got to tell you about the fair! Great day, all delighted! The venue The Red Barn Gallery (definitely worth a visit if you're in Belfast,) the fair That Vintage Vibe a small but relaxed affair run by the lovely Louise Herron. We had a fun day, met some lovely new people, and all my friends called in to say hi! So it was great to see everyone. The big lad even got roped into help! He helped me set up shop, manned the stall, went on the coffee run and even handed out flyers for the fair to get the punters in! Good lad! My sisters Kathryn and Christine helped too! The family business!! I sold bits and bobs, mostly bobs. One girl who had ventured into the fair with her mum (because the big lad had given her a flyer) noticed that I was selling the same bowls her granny had and she used to eat her spaghetti out of them she was little, her mum bought her two! her face lit up!

Doing the fair inspired the opening of the Hey! Home Wrecker Esty shop I'll put some more bits and bobs on over the weekend.
The next fair is on the Saturday 1st of September, if Louise will have us back then we'll be there!
I'm on the look out for new stock already! Ha!
Hope you've all had a lovely week and have lots of nice things planned for the weekend Hope the sun is shining in your world!
I'm off to catch up on all the blogs I've missed this week....Bye for now!


  1. Loving your painted glasses display. I would be so drawn to that. Your stall looks brilliant.

  2. What a gorgeous stall. Hope you sell lots more bobs. And bits.

  3. You look so cute behind your gorgeous stall! How sweet about the spaghetti dishes! x


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