Sunday, 12 August 2012

All the fun at the other fair!

Last Saturday night my sister Kathryn (Bob) the hostess with the mostess hosted the perfect summer funfair birthday party to celebrate her boyfriend Matthew's 27th birthday. She had gone ALL out and had been planning and keeping it all secret for weeks. With the big day looming the weather being rubbish Bob was panicking that the party  might be a washout but the rain stayed away!
 Where to begin? She had done so much! The evenings events kicked off with team picking, 2 teams, Team Enterprise (The best team in my opinion!) and Team Green Tea, our first challenge a treasure hunt. Hilarious, frantically searching for the clues, Bob said the clues were literally coming to her at 3 o'clock in the morning. The prize a bottle of bubbly! GO TEAM ENTERPRISE!!
Then we played the outside games...
Sister Christine chucking her balls, Team Enterpize did not excel at this one! Team Green tea won the prize, a pineapple!
Hook a duck
 We played another game, 2 teams against each other, 1 person from each team competing, each person has a pendulum swinging in between their legs, Bob used a sock filled with rice and a bit of string put on a tie and then you tie it round your waist. In front of each person there is 5 bottles filled with different amounts of water spaced about 1 metre apart, the aim of the game is to use the pendulum to knock over the bottles, no hands allowed! When you've knocked over all the bottles, pick them all up on your way back and give the pendulum to your next team member. So FUNNY!! Team Enterprize Excelled!! When it started getting dark we headed inside for more....
A photo opportunity!

Guess what!?
We had amazing food, guessed how many marbles were in a jar, had a rave with glow sticks, secret missions, Matthew had to shove a cream pie in his mates face without him suspecting, he managed it but he got his comeback when he was blind folded to smash the pinata and had the contents of the paddling pool tipped over his head! A birthday treat!I won the guess the marbles! The most AMAZING prize! A woman on the front a man on the back, I absolutely love it!
The lovely Tina sporting a rather spiffing tashe, she manages to pull it off in a way only Tina could! Thank you Bob for such a fun night, your parties are the BEST!! Happy Birthday Matthew, looking forward to your birthday next year already!


  1. That looks an absolute blast! x

  2. How amazing is Bob? Well I reckon she did a great job this looks like great fun!



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