Sunday, 19 August 2012

Bob and Bobs Excellent Adventure No2 (Granville)

Hello everyone! Hope you're having a lovely weekend!
I'm easing myself nicely into my week off, starting yesterday with a sisters thrifting adventure into the Tyrone countryside. At the recent vintage fair I got chatting to some lovely ladies from another stall who told me about a car boot sale in Granville near Dungannon, I COULDN'T wait to go!! Granville holds a fair every weekend, although each week it varies, lifestock, machinery etc but on the 3rd Saturday of every month it holds a car boot and poultry fair, two things I love!
My own car boot cleared, I pick up Bob and we beat down the road to Dungannon. It was an absolutely gorgeous day yesterday, a day for the beach, for lying in the garden topping up the freckles or the perfect day for a really good car boot sale!
I highly recommend this boot sale, not even for what's on sale but just for the pure craic! There were so many characters! And if it's a farmer you're after this could be the perfect place to find your man, all dirty jeans, hands like shovels and weather tanned skin!
Five minutes in and Bob and I had reverted back to our broad Portadown accents "Wud ye luk a thon, there's a quer size of a b'ast" translation "Look at the size of that large animal" It's the effect the countryside has on us! We started fantasising about leaving the city, living on a farm and making jam with a ferret as a pet, must have been the country air getting to us! City folk are so different!

In another attempt to get this photo there was another singing farmer trying to ninja jump into the picture!
The craic was ninety with these two
I wanted a photo of a young farmer holding this cockerel but he was too shy instead he just let the beast out, mistake! it really didn't want to go back in
We didn't come home empty handed, in fact by my standards I would say I went overboard, blaming the fresh country air and sunshine again! Didn't come home with any ferrets that's something!
After Granville we headed into Dungannon for lunch, a powerful feed to recharge the batteries, then home my own city farmer (the big lad) my wild beast (Mary) and the three hens : )
Quite a lot and that's not even all of it, a couple of things I bought I'm keeping for presents so I can't disclose them on the blog! Bob was slightly more restrained, she came home with a lovely lemon shirt, nearly every thrifting adventure she comes home with either a shirt or a jumper!

An excellent adventure and a great day out had by all! Resting today, going to make scones and do some sewing : )
Bye for now have a lovely Sunday everyone xx


  1. Quare craic indeed....can't wait to join you guys for sisters day out...i'll drive the Honda as it has a bigger boot=more room to bring home stuff!

    1. Haaha! nice one! he big lad wants to come to so we can't ogle the farmers, ok! x

  2. That looks such a brilliant boot sale. I shouldn't really love that stuffed head being a vegetarian, but I do! x

    1. I wonder what it's history was, a prize bull maybe, I'd love a big cows head looking at me from the wall! x

  3. What a perfect day out, I love your way to relax too, sewing and baking.
    The blue and red vanity cases are great. Similar to ones i have bought myself recently.
    Looks like some great kitchenalia too. I'm still after a coffee pot since you posted your sunflower one.

    1. Good luck with your search for the coffee pot, be sure to look in all skips there may be treasure inside! I made scones and blueberry muffins and sewed a little dress a very relaxing day indeed!xx


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