Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Step up mini makeover

Hows your week going? 1 more day off work then I'm off work for a week, yeeessss! Can't wait!
I came home from Galway last Friday to find we'd inherited a small pair of step ladders that belonged to the big lad's grandad, his mum was going to chuck them out but thought we could maybe find a home for them, she knows me so well! So like no other normal person, last Friday night with the big lad out for the night I set out to try and find a new home for the steps, instead I should have been putting the feet up after a busy week in work......Naaaaaaa
These ladders have seen many a paint job, they are covered! I could sand them down and paint them or strip them back to the bare wood but I kind of like the look of them and the fact that there's history in the layers of paint. I've always loved the idea of using ladders as shelves and since my last attempt at putting up shelves ended in disaster this seems like a much safer option.
I decided to use the new ladder shelves in the craft room...before....
And after.......
The ladders are held in place by two huge nails battered into the floor boards, holes in the floors now as well as the walls!

The new old ladder shelves perfect for my bits and bobs in the craft room. Thanks to the big lads mum for donating these!
The beer bottle shelves rearranged to suit the new layout, still standing! and more versatile than your regular wall shelves any day!
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Bye for now x


  1. Linda,
    That's a great use for those ladders and so handy whenever you feel a need to climb! 8-)
    And the beer bottle shelves are brilliant!

    1. Thanks Crystal, I can't believe they nearly ended up in the bin! I'm amazed the beer bottle shelves are still standing my sewing machine vibrates so much! xx

  2. I love looking at your home, it's so pretty and there's loads to admire! Jon's stepladders are a work of art, they are battered green wooden beauties and I keep eyeing them up as a design feature, only to be warned off! x

    1. Thankyou so much! Sounds like my dads set, brown and covered in paint, they're great!

  3. I love this - keeping them painty works so well in the craft room. I like the sellotape holding nails too! Jealous you have a craft room though...

    1. adds a bit of character to them, i'm forever nail stuff in our house, if we ever move out I'm going to have alot of holes to fill, I'm loving Ta-dah Tuesday! :)

  4. Just gorgeous images! Looks like a fun place to live :)


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