Friday, 24 August 2012

Friday Flowers

Friday again!! Where has this week gone!?
 Friday flowers lets face it is all about the vase rather than the flowers, and you'll either love or hate my latest find! Green glass vase, thrifted on last weekends epic boot sale adventure. I love the colour and the design of this vase I'm guessing it's from the 1960's and it reminds me of a vase my granny used to have, the big lad liked it too so that's always a bonus!
In other happenings this week....I made my first Etsy sale! All delighted!! I've found another way to spend my down time, mooching round Etsy adding things to my favourites, I'll be needing a laptop of my own soon!
And there's a new vintage shop opened in Belfast, I can't wait to go for a look...
Hope your all a lovely Friday and have lots of fun things planned for this weekend xx


  1. Amazing vase. What a great colour. Congratulations on your first sale. It must feel great. Well done you.

  2. I love your little displays, the phone & vase are both gorgeous! Have a great weekend! XO.

  3. That green glass vase is gorgeous, I wish I'd seen it first! x

  4. And it looks a bit like a Dalek! Bonus!


Thanks for all your comments : )