Sunday, 5 August 2012

This week I've been mostly thrifting

Yesterday was I had my stall at That Vintage Vibe fair, we had a fun day, it was Belfast Pride and a sunny day so lots of people about in town and we made enough money to cover the stall and buy the big lad a Dominos pizza, so pretty happy, I'll tell you all about it tomorrow!
Last Sunday we were invited up to the big lads mums house, with a free licence to root around in her attic and take whatever we wanted! Red flag to a bull comes to mind! I LOVE HOKING IN PEOPLES LOFTS!!! The big lad found all his old Lego, and a couple of other treasures, here's what we brought home....
A new bud for wee Ted!
The big lad's Liverpool shirt from 1989, fits me perfectly! We're going to see them play in a couple weeks, I'll wear this to the match, the shorts are a bit much, I've worn them out on a run though and they're pretty cool!

I had Friday off and headed down to my parents house to borrow my da's pasting table, I couldn't resist calling into some of my favourite thrift shops on the way and I went a little crazy and panic bought more stuff! For the stall so that makes it ok, ok?
And my from my sister, a vintage dress I've loved for years, she's finally given it to me! All I need now is another sunny day, too bad it's raining again today!!

You thought I was finished? I also thrifted some very pretty bed linen, it's single bed size, with two pillow cases, so I'm using the duvet cover for crafts and keeping the pillow cases to use. I love the vintage floral pattern and the pretty colours.

 And that's it for this week, I'm all thrifted out!
Have a lovely Sunday everyone! xx


  1. I so love seeing what other people find. What a romp!

  2. OOh i'd love to get up in a few attics!! The footie top looks great on you. Very Cool.
    Looking forward to hearing/seeing more about the Vintage fair.

    1. Attics are amazing! although too hot most of the time!

    2. My mum and dad have an opened box of Daz from about 2o years ago in theirs, odd :)

  3. Loving the pillowcases and the cups and saucers.not too sure about the footy shirt but that is just because I like my footy shirts blue ;)
    X x x

  4. Your suggestions are always inspiring.

  5. Well done on your selling success! That 'Pool top looks so cute on you and I'm dying with envy over that stunning frock...gimme! x

    1. HHAA! Are you a fan? I tried the dress on it fitted me ten years ago but then I started running, going to have to alter it so it will fit x


Thanks for all your comments : )