Saturday, 1 March 2014

Because the lady loves Dianthus Caryophyllus

On my walk home form work I pass 4 charity shops, this can be difficult for me! The temptation to go inside just for a quick look is overwhelming....Well I was walking home just a other day saying to myself, I must not go into the charity shops (eh heard that one before) as the words parted my lips, I looked up at Cancer Research and in the window was a gorgeous fire guard, it called "Buy me" Before I knew it I had parted with my cash and practically skipped home. On a recent thrifting adventure with my mum and dad I'd bought a mirror for £5 and a groovy tray £2, I would turn my new fireguard into a picture and use my other new purchases for a Spring time hallway makeover.
How could I resist? Carnations the flowers of love

I unscrewed the feet and stapled on a bit of string to hang it as a picture instead


life imitating art

The new hallway gets Phil's seal of approval.

Hope you're all having a fab weekend xxx


  1. looks fab!....the perfect spring addition. there are two charity shops right next door to my boys school....I can never resist, and yes they now know me by name. Al x

  2. It looks fantastic, I really enjoy your home.

  3. I love your room, it's gorgeous! Specially your stair's carpet!

  4. Your hallway is lovely Linda x

  5. That's such a great idea - I'm going to borrow it for my gazillion trays I need to hang up. Never thought of doing that! Love your hallway too, it's delightful! (PS Are you on Twitter? I had a look to say thank you for including me in your blogroll, but couldn't find you!) x

  6. Its the tray that makes me knees go weak but love what you've done with the fire-guard and cute Phil! xxx

  7. It was absolutely calling your name - you have the perfect place for it! The hallway looks fab - looks like Phil has go his own secret tunnel in photo 5! Jane x

  8. Gotta grab bargain ... hallway looks great!

  9. That's fab - don't think I could have resisted either!!


Thanks for all your comments : )