Saturday, 15 March 2014

"There's a qer stretch in the evenings"

About this time every year my dad will announce "There's a qer stretch in the evenings" It's a favourite saying of mine now too, Spring is one of my favourite times of year, a spring clean, blue skies, regrowth, fresh air. With temperatures reaching a scorching 13 degrees this week in Belfast it didn't at all surprise me to see a car load of Polish guys lifting their BBQ charcoal and meat from their car or the girls in denim hot pants and bare legs! We make the most of what we've got here in NI! Finishing work at half 3 definitely has it's spring time perks even after chores have been done there was still time for a stroll in the park and catch the light, in the summer I'll be racing home to fire on the denim shorts and get the barbie started!

Have a great weekend xx

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  1. The light in your lounge is beautiful - love the plant, too.


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