Thursday, 27 February 2014

Yoga by the stars

I picked up this class little book in Oxfam books at the weekend for £1. Yoga by the stars by Roma Blair a guide to yoga poses to suit your star sign. I'm Taurus, my poses are the shoulder stand and The Bow posture, "those who were born under born under this Star will find that practising Yoga they will find that practising Yoga they will acquire a finer degree of control over the mind and body".  Roma Blair is definitely my new Yoga guru! She rocks the Yoga poses in her flesh toned fish nets and leotards!

What a fabulous lady and she lived to the ripe old age of ninety!

Namaste everyone!

Ps Another fabulous lady, Vix, is wearing the tiger print dress I sent her on her blog today!!,


  1. From one fabulous lady to another - thank you!
    That book is brilliant, I'd have snapped that up, too. My yoga teachers have always been ladies in their 70s and beyond and their flexibility and ability to look elegant whilst getting into the oddest of forms put me to shame. xxx

  2. Her hair, is fabulous. Not a single strand out of place.


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