Saturday, 29 March 2014

Cathedral Quarter Murals

It's Saturday and I'm sitting in my favourite cafe people watching, having a coffee and blogging from my phone! Not a bad way to spend a damp Saturday morning in my book. 
I love graffiti, I'd love to see more it! Or buildings painted bright colours it would certainly brighten up a day like today. So in search of some colourful walls I took a stroll around the back streets of Belfast's Cathedral quarter to see what people are saying...
My favourite place for coffee in Belfast, Clements 
Just realised my coffees going cold! Best be off! 
Have a brilliant weekend everyone xx

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  1. Love! I saw the guy creating the mural with the sword fight. Had never seen one in the making! A few pieces of graffiti have appeared on the carriageway, clearly bored teens. No one else would spray 'Wu Tang' logos!


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