Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Hearts and Flowers

Back to porridge today after a lovely St Patrick's weekend, it was nice to be off for three days and to get out for a big walk in the forest, enjoy the first picnic of the year and spend fun afternoon thrifting with the big lad in the charity shops of Ballymena.
I bought this dress from the Hope Charity shop in  Lurgan on a recent day out with my mum and dad. The dress was a few sizes to big, I tried it on in the freezing cold changing room anyway because I loved the floral pattern, I thought it would be a simple enough job to alter this dress. I roped sister bob into pinning the dress then I sewed up the sides and took the hem up by a few inches.


Have a great week everyone xxx


  1. I especially like the last photo!

  2. Brilliant alteration, that dress is a billion times groovier now! x


Thanks for all your comments : )