Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Come Fly With Me

This weekend my sister and I are performing a cheesy airline routine with the dance class we've been going to. We've practised A LOT! So fingers crossed we'll remember the moves and not make a complete mess of it! Feeling excited and nervous!! I'm pretty sure if I ever hear Come Fly With me after the performance I'll suddenly burst into the routine, it's definitely going to be my new party piece! Costume is a red dress and to finish off the look I made us each a little red felt hat. I've just got a new phone (I'm blogging from it right now) and I'm a little obsessed with the A Beautiful Mess App so here are some pics of me in my hat a beautiful mess stylee!
Hope this worked!  If it has then I'll be blogging on the hop in future!
Happy Wednesday everyone xx

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