Friday, 4 January 2013

Nurse Mary reporting for duty

Hello! How's the first week of the new going for you? Sticking to the resolutions?
I'm off work today after an eventful afternoon yesterday, took a dizzy spell while working on a ladder, off I fell and the ladder toppled over too. Feeling delicate today so taking it easy, lucky I have nurse Mary on hand to help, taking care of business from the hot press control room. Times such as these call for two things chocolate and pizza....
Nurse Mary

This is our chocolate stash from over Christmas, remote control in one hand, headless chocolate Santa in the other, nom nom nom
I made these kitty shoes as a Christmas present for my buddy Deborah from Life begins at 30, modelled on her cat Della.  I Just took a plain pair of Primark pumps and with some felt and glue made these, I just might have to make myself a pair too, except mine will be white and black of course!

 Thankyou for all the kind wishes on my last post about wee Ethel, we've emailed Paul O'Grady ,he mentions dead pets on his Sunday show, so we'll be listening out to see if he reads out Ethel's mention.

Have a super weekend everyone xx


  1. Oh no, glad you're ok - do you have low blood pressure? That's an impressive lot of chocolate - I'm trying to ration ours out over several Fridays.

    Great make on the shoes!

    New Year's Resolutions of the Stars!

  2. can't believe you made them yourself they're so cute.x

  3. those shoes are so cute! and i love a little pet nurse.


Thanks for all your comments : )