Sunday, 6 January 2013

Space V Stuff

Yesterday the big lad's sister dropped off a pile of Red magazines for me to read. Whilst having a flick through January's issue, the article on page 93 More Space V less stuff? jumped out to me! "The truth dawned on us: we'd spent our lives working to buy things we didn't need"
And so today the Christmas tree came down and a little spring clean ensued and since we swapped a massive Argos chair for a little 1970's one half the size, it seems like we've got so much more space! I could swing a cat! Something about this time of year always inspires me for a clear out, with that in mind my resolution for 2013, remember less is more!

Fresh and clean ready for Two thousand and thirteen 


  1. I've done a serious deep clean/clear out over the holidays. I'm aiming to be free to start planning the garden once school starts tomorrow!! (Yipeee!!!) Space wins hands down. We need so much less stuff than we have these days. Less stuff is the way forward!.
    Said hello on facebook btw.

  2. I need a good clear out! i've tooooo many jumpers xx


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