Sunday, 27 January 2013


Hope you're all having a good weekend! For me it's been busy! Still suffering from vertigo after 3 weeks I'm fed up, I hoped it would have gone by now!! Instead of moping, Friday night was spent with some good friends at Karaoke, we call ourselves KK Karaoke Klub and what goes on in Karaoke Klub stays in KK so I can say no more....just to say KK is my ultimate new favourite night out!! And that I can murder a good Tiffany song.
Today was spent at St Georges Market where my sisters and I have collaborated our craftiness. We were lucky enough to get a stall today, 'Three Crafty Birds'....Pauline we'll have to change the sign if you ever move home!! I'm looking forward good times at the market! Although it's a dangerous place! There's so many tempting things to buy, my weaknesses gorgeous Vintage Pintage jewellery and Claire's yummy cupcakes!
Today I'm going off the thread of my sister Christine's new blog she posted about her crochet curtain, my mum's a super crocheter she was taught my aunt Irene and now I want mum to teach me! She's made me lots of things in the past, my favourite a multi coloured blanket. During my recent time off work I was suffering badly from cabin fever and changing rooms syndrome.... I came up with this idea....I hate our bed but don't want to buy a new one so mum's crochet blanket, a couple of pins and we've got ourselves a lovely new head board. The bed can stay!


Is it too early to go to bed at seven?

Nighty Night xx

Ps Tomorrow I'll show what the lovely Ooh Betty sent me 


  1. Excellent makeover. I'm crochet mad at the moment. OH thinks im going to crochet a cover for the tv next.

  2. that looks great! i want to learn to crochet!

  3. Oh thats fab, I have the same problem, our bed is sooo comfy and big, but its get my hooks out....
    Daisy j

  4. You poor love, hope you start feeling loads better soon.
    That's one heck of a makeover, I love it. x

  5. Wow, it looks wonderful! I need to decorate my bedroom pretty like yours!
    Found your blog via instagram ;p


Thanks for all your comments : )