Monday, 31 December 2012

Rest in Peace Sweet Ethel. Gone to the Great Chicken Coop in the Sky

Hello, today I am the bearer of sad news, Ethel our chicken didn't make it.
 When I went to the coop this morning I could tell she had worsened through the night, she could barely move and once checked over by the vet he discovered that she had lumps inside her and problems with her digestive track, very common with ex battery hens. We're comforted by the fact that she enjoyed 8 months of freedom with her two playmates Betty and Beryl, and that at least now she'll not be in pain and suffering anymore.
When Ethel first came to stay she was shy, scrawny and featherless, but she soon came out of her shell. Ethel enjoyed pottering around the garden, scraping about in the vegetable patch, sunbathing in the summer, and enjoying her new found freedom. With the sun on her back, wind in her tail and banana in her belly her feathers soon grew back and she was happy to finally be rescued.
happier times
My Aunt and Uncle sent these Christmas decorations from America, one for each of the girls.

Ethel by Maayan aged 4 and a half
 The coop will be a quieter place without her, Ethel we will miss you, from  your adoptive parents Gavin & Linda, chicken sisters Betty & Beryl, and cat sister Mary.
Goodbye wee bird xxx

Thank you to Mike the Chicken vet who was very kind this morning.
If you're interested in rescuing ex battery hens and you live in Northern Ireland contact Barbara at Nut House Hen Rescue


  1. Aw. Sad news. RIP Ethel. You inspire me to rescue chickens, but alas, we haven't got enough room. Someday though.
    Cathy and Jack. x

  2. ohh what sad news, poor Ethel. :(

  3. Oh, Linda! Well, you made her life happy up to the end...we have been suffering from chicken hawks here in Texas and lost two of our girls that way...We only have 10 left now and nobody is laying...eggopause...sigh and store-bought eggs...
    Wanting to wish you and yours a very Happy New Year!

  4. Sorry to hear your news, RIP Ethel.
    Sending you lots of love and luck in 2013. x

  5. I'm sorry to hear that Linda. As you say, you gave her a wonderful 8 months and her battery days would have been well forgotten.
    Hope you rescue more hens and give them the same chance that Ethel had.

  6. This is sad news :( I will definitely rescue some hens and give them a happier life... Just as soon as me move to a house with a garden. Can't wait for that day!

    Hope the other girls are holding up ok x

  7. Aww what sad news, but so lovely to think of how much better Ethel's life was since you took her in.
    Kaz x

  8. Thanks for all the kind comments about wee Ethel, xx We're going to get rescue another chicken, three is the magic number!


Thanks for all your comments : )