Sunday, 13 January 2013

Things I've learned about myself today...

1. I have a short attention span
2. I don't like doing jigsaws
3. I won't give up (that all might change)

At Christmas the big lad's mum asked for a jigsaw and I thought it might be good to try one while I'm laid up..... This retro thrifty find, Mexican Fiesta scene jigsaw set me back just £1....
I thought doing a jigsaw might be relaxing....
So far I've dropped the box of pieces all over the floor (twice), discovered that there are ALOT of missing pieces (and that's just around the edges) nearly given up!
 There's that just one more piece attitude that is making it come together....slowly!
It's now taken over the dining room table so we'll be eating off our knees until it's done so hopefully that will spur me on...

Fiesta time

Do you like doing jigsaws?


  1. Fab jigsaw. It turned into a Xmas tradition, me sat on the floor bent over a jigsaw on a board that slid under the sofa when not in use. All until my back and knees started aching so much that I just didn't bother this year. Must be getting old (!). x

    1. That's a good idea! I hear of a baked bean jigsaw today, I can only imagine what a nightmare that would be! x

  2. Bob, I laughed at 'the box falling (twice)'!!!! it's supposed to be a nice relaxing thing and it just ends up being the most annoying thing ever!!


Thanks for all your comments : )