Monday, 14 January 2013

The Simple Things-a washi tape project

I got a nice surprise in the post last week from my cousin Lynne, a brilliant book for all budding bloggers Blog INC a book all about blogging! For Passion, Profit and to Create a Community', 2 copies of The Simple Things magazine and 5 rolls of washi tape. Lynne is very inspiring! It was after I started reading her first blog Tea For Joy that I thought I'd like to write one too! Lynne now writes a new blog Papermash and her shop Papermash sells unique cards, prints, tags, tapes etc I couldn't wait to put the tapes to use, and after vowing to be more organised in 2013 I thought my first project could be a daily wall planner...
I found a couple of new blogs for the reading list in the mags Kat This Kat That
and Twenty First Century Homemaker
No surface is safe!

 I'm going to be SO organised now!
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  1. I love that magazine and the subscription is a bargain at the minute. I keep hearing about washi tape but have no idea what or how to use it. But your idea is awesome and you certainly will have no excuses not to be super organized xx

  2. Oh it's BRILLIANT!

    I really wished I'd seen this yesterday when I was doing the BritMums craft round-up it fits so well with the 'organised' theme.

    Please link it up x

  3. Hello Linda, thank you for your visit. I love your lovely blog, so I am staying and follow you.
    I am sure we will become great blogger friends.

  4. Cool! I have some washi tape I won from Papermash in a blog giveaway a while ago, it's lovely. Great organisation idea too xx


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