Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Vintage Rocks

My lovely chum Kitty gave me some vouchers for Vintage Rocks Hair Parlour as birthday treat. I've been trying to grow my hair, not really sure why because I always prefer it when it's short, anyway I just got fed up and asked the hairdresser to cut it all off again into a pixie cut. I'm so happy with it again! In a couple of weeks a friend and I are running in The Race for Life so for charity (Sorry Dad!!) I've dyed my hair bright pink! I got all sorts of comments today about the colour of my hair, mostly "you're too late for the Giro" "Aren't you a bit too old for pink hair?" The big lad's first impression was one of horror, then he came around and actually quite likes it, it's all for a good cause and nothing a brown hair dye won't sort out in a couple of weeks time!

Vintage rocks is such a cute little parlour! I love the decor, cats and skulls everywhere! The girls are all lovely too! I'll get some pictures taken of the new hair, see what you think? I coloured my hair myself so no reflection on Vintage Rocks!! I always miss bits!

Hope you're having a great week so far xxxx


Thanks for all your comments : )