Friday, 2 May 2014

The big lads birthday surprise

I turned 34 last Tuesday. The big lad had said he had outdone himself this time on the present front and I thought things couldn't get any better after the sandwich ring at Christmas well I was wrong. What does someone get the girl who has everything and wants nothing? So... I love Channel Four's programme Hoarders and the psycotherapist Stelios Kiosses who helps people realise their hoarding ways and enables them to transform their lives for the better. If you have read this blog from time to time you'll know about my collections, but sometimes I feel overwhelmed at how much I have, I bought a lot last year, feeling unhappy in my old job was a great contributor to how much I was buying I realise that now. Now I'll ask myself do I really need this? Can I afford this? Joy is in people not in things! Don't get me wrong I still love nothing more than a mooch in the charity shops but I don't feel the need to "rescue" every bit of vintage I see. cut a long story short, the big lad emailed Stelios and he sent a signed picture to wish me happy birthday!!! Eeeekkkk!! Literally the best present ever! Thank you to Stelios for helping the hoarders of the world and for sending the picture and thanks to the big lad! How will you out do this one? 

Here's a little picture of me age four, pictured with my older sisters Barbie collection, I could never keep my eyes open in photos!

And thirty years later age 34, eh almost still have the same hair do!

Here's to being 34!
Have a great weekend everyone xxxx


  1. Happy 34th birthday Linda.
    What an ace pressie from your "big lad"!
    You were a little pixie at four, and you're still one now! I love your 'do'
    Kylie x

  2. that's a really great birthday present! happy 34th! love the barbies lined up too!

  3. Happy birthday lovely lady, I always read your blog, it makes me smile :). Xxx love Sonya

  4. Happy Birthday sis and also to the big lad :) his present was so thoughtful. you havent changed a bit in look very like wee mert in that new photo :) xx

  5. Happy Birthday! I love that your hair hasn't changed, brilliant! I've been reading your Blog for a while now and really enjoy it. Hope you had a lovely day x


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