Tuesday, 6 May 2014

It never rains but it pours

You know the old story....I only went out for milk (how many times have I started a blog with this line!) It's just that the shop selling milk happens to be slap bang in the middle of a street full of charity shops, trying hard to remember Stelios's walk on advice, I'm weak and head in just for a wee look. You know the saying wait all day for a bus and then three come at once, well that's kinda what happened except it was umbrellas. I'm forever getting completely soaked, so when I spied three vintage designer umbrellas in the corner I snapped them up, they were a bargain too £3.50 each. My only saving grace is that these are an extremely useful buy and they feel really sturdy, ok so they don't fit in your handbag but when it's not raining they double up as a walking stick for me(I'm 5ft 1) I tested the pretty red one of Monday and as my sisters new pink brollie blew inside out mine stayed strong,  they don't make brollies like they used to. 

All that said, I really hope it doesn't rain!

Have a great week everyone!! xx


  1. wow, these are brilliant finds!

  2. Lovely umbrellas and lovely photos, specially the one of you skipping with unbridled brolly joy! x

  3. I've a thing for old brollies, I had 15 at least count. I can't resist them, they're much prettier and way sturdier than those rubbishy fold up ones. xxx


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