Saturday, 17 May 2014

Let's go outside

I'm enjoying spending more time in the garden. The grass has been well fertilised by the chickens during the winter and is looking greener than ever, the big tree in the neighbours garden is blossoming, the strawberries are growing and after a warmer winter will hopefully be sweeter too this year and the rocket patch after a bad year last year has all of a sudden come to life, we've enough rocket for the whole street! It's nice to be able to go the garden for fresh salad during the summer months. I remembered a pile of old floor boards in our attic, the big lad fetched them for me, I sawed them to size, used four corner posts and screwed the whole lot together for a new salad bed. The floorboards work well because they click together. I've planted spinach, lettuce and coriander. I love getting my hands dirty and watching for the first signs of life in the patch. Here's the latest edition....

During the dig I found a marble

I put Bob to work

That was a couple of weeks ago, there are now lots of little leaves growing and other exciting things happening in the garden too, I'll share some pictures during the week.

In other blog news! My friend Alison and her friend Sue have just started their new blog check it out HERE!!

Have you been up to anything exciting in the garden?
Have a lovely weekend xxxx


  1. I dug out the garden and bought seeds last year... that's as far as I got!
    L A

  2. Your garden looks amazing !!! Thanks so much for mentioning us in your post !


Thanks for all your comments : )