Friday, 30 May 2014

Empty Nest

Our house is a little quieter this week, Bob has flown the nest. It's weird but Bob definitely needed her own space to spread her wings, having all her stuff cramped into a small bedroom was no good. Sad to see Bob go but on the plus side I now have two rooms to play with and space to spread my own wings! Everyday after work I've been cleaning, moving furniture, rearranging stuff, I love changing rooms about. When I was a kid I used to change my bedroom around constantly, I've never grew out of it. I'm 96.5% finished the changes, just a few things to do like iron and hang a curtain, make some new cushion covers, hang a picture, find some space for tshirts to go and then I'll take lots of pictures of the finished rooms to show you!

 The place was a mess, I started with Bob's room, cleared everything out and cleaned. Leftover paint from the kitchen makeover so the wardrobe has added a splash of colour to my wardrobe.

I'll save the rest for the finished room post!

Have a great weekend! xxx

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