Thursday, 12 April 2012

Tele mong

Did anyone see The Apprentice last night ?(BBC 1) Lord Sugar set the task of setting up a pop up shop in London selling second hand items. If  I was on the show I would have put myself forward for team leader! Loved this task!! My blood pressure is always sky high watching this show usually shouting at the TV! I don't want to give too much away if you haven't seen it but what one team lacked in artistic vision they made up for in enthusiasm.... and what one team lacked in stock ended up creating a minimalist boutique.......BUT....  there is nothing more off putting than a pushy sales technique!
And  then there's channel 4's Get your house in order it's like two of my favourite type of programmes rolled into one (I'm intrigued by hoarding and love interior design) The presenters set out to clear the hoard and sell it off to make money to spend on redecoration with the idea being if your house looks nice then you won't want to fill it with crap. I say crap but to a hoarder it must be so difficult to part with it. Anyhow, I love Abigail Aherns (the designer on the show) design concepts, I like her brave use of colour, her book A Girl's Guide To Decorating is full of fab ideas to liven up your space and most are budget friendly.
When does 'a collecting habit' turn into hoarding....maybe I shouldn't be bidding on those ebay cat ornaments....

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