Saturday, 14 April 2012

The In Shops are closing!


It was announced on Thursday that the In Shops are closing in June! WWWAAAHHHH!! OK to be fair there's aren't many shops left in the mall, but does it really have close down? There's something comforting about it's crapiness, the eighties primary colours, the smell of fry, the buzz of the tattoo gun, a whiff of incense's nostalgic.......So we lost the North Street Arcade a few years ago to a fire and now we're losing the In Shops, we've still got Haymarket Arcade BUT FOR HOW LONG!!??...So all that is left to say is get down and support the remaining traders before they close...... Read some other In shops reviews here
Please Mr In Shops owner DON'T close the In Shops....Pretty PLEASE :(
( Arcades aren't the only cool thing we've lost in the regeneration of Belfast....The original and in my opinion better, Kitchen Bar, and The Lifeboat bar, now apartments and offices...meh)

 On a more positive note I hope you're all having a
 fantabulous weekend xx

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