Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Wet afternoon mini makeover

It was so nice to be off work for a couple of days over Easter, but the weather wasn't great so it was the perfect opportunity to take myself off to my 'craft' room (really just the spare room that has a sewing machine in it) turn on the radio and while away the afternoon making.....
For ages I've been wanting to jazz up this chair, I do love it as it is so didn't want to make any permanent changes to it. Plus Mary uses it as her scratching post so she'd only end up destroying it! (More so)
After our Edinburgh trip I made this little cushion.....
And there she is...a new cover for the seat, and a new cushion, good as new! Mary stay off it!!
The craft room floor even got a treat, a new flowery rug bought from Urban Outfiitters, it was £12, I'd love to buy loads of these are redo our rainbow stairs
I swear time goes quicker when I'm in the craft room, what seems like one hour is actually three! It was my sister's birthday yesterday and we spent the afternoon out for lunch, rummaging in the Charity shops, found some really nice fabric for future projects, now all I need is a rainy afternoon.......well it is Northern Ireland!

Hope you're all having a fab week!


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