Saturday, 21 April 2012

A couple of weeks later....

Hi, this my follow up on our big house move three years ago, these photos must have been taken exactly around this time because it's my birthday tomorrow and the big lad had bought me the flowers on the fireplace. It's funny looking at the house then and comparing to what it is like now, there's been quite A LOT of new additions in the last three years but I'll do a three years later post I'm sure! Lets be honest who doesn't having a nose at other peoples houses! Something I used to love doing before we moved was looking through the Property News website....My dream house.... a three storey period property, with original features, stripped wooden floors, a sunny garden and a cherry blossom tree...a girl can dream :)
Hope you're all having a fun filled Saturday xx


  1. Thanks, three years later and they're getting a bit chipped, I had to add a runner (I used Ikea table runners) down the middle, after the big lad slipped down them and cracked a rib! Bad!! painted stairs plus socks equals accident waiting to happen :(


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