Thursday, 31 July 2014


Today three years ago it was a Sunday afternoon and I sat down and started this blog. I can't believe that was three years ago! Blogging for me is a great hobby, I'm not the worlds best writer but I've got something to say, I'm not the best photographer but I enjoy taking photographs. I love reading other peoples blogs, over the years, they've made me laugh, they've made me cry, I love that sense of a little blogging community full of people who all share similar interests from all over the world! Blogging really is brilliant and continues to be an inspiring and creative outlet for me. So here's 3 cheers to blogging and a happy third birthday to my blog, and another year ahead of blogging fun! Thanks for reading!!
My blog started out sharing my love for home DIY projects, well turns out there's only so many times you can change a room before the big lad starts to complain so the blog became a place to share everything I enjoy, hanging out with my cats, a walk on the beach, a charity shop find, a new dress or a craft project or two, here's the latest......The one and only, last blank wall in the house, not for long....

I really enjoyed doing this giant nail art wall word!

What do you enjoy about blogs?
Have a great weekend everyone! We're off to a friends wedding this weekend! can't wait xxx

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Hem Raiser

I picked up a couple of cute dresses in the Cancer Resarch shop recently, they are identical in shape but with different patterns, beautifully handmade, but a little too long for my liking. So I decided to raise the hem by a few inches, I wacked a bit off and sewed it up only I think I took a bit too much off! A few inches had turned into more like 20! Whoops! I won't be bending down to pick anything up in this dress! I've yet to take the second dress up, think I'll be measuring a little move carefully!

Hope you're all enjoying a lovely weekend xxxx

Monday, 21 July 2014

Skip dived Stools

I've been off work for a weeks holidays and been enjoying lie ins, walks on the beach, trips on my bike, having picnics, updating my Etsy shop, working on a few crafty projects and generally just pottering about, it's been great! During my week off I had time to clean up and change the fabric on two stools I skip dived from the skip round the corner. I choose my favourite fabric, which began life as a bedspread, it's fast running out now but it's been used to cover a lampshade, make some cushions, and now cover these stools, I love the bright colours and pattern. Once I covered the stools the other chairs were begging for a little makeover too.

Have a great week everyone! xxx

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The joys of skip diving

The house around the corner has a skip.......UH OH!
Half the stuff in said skip should not be in the skip. I felt it my duty to 'rescue' a couple of things before they end up in the dump. So far I've rescued a little black vanity case from the 1960s which I gave to my friend, two stools for our living room which I cleaned up and given a little makeover (I'll show you next time) a bag full of records and some pretty tea cups. The joy of skip diving! I think you'll agree these deserved a second chance....

 Off to watch Fill your house for free Like I need any incouragement!

Have you ever found anything good in a skip?
Hope you're all having a good week xxx

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Granville Car bootie Lootie

Last month we took a little trip to the Granville car boot sale, the last time we'd been was back in 2012 eh? what happened last year? can't believe we didn't go in 2013! The boot sale happens every third Saturday, check out this list for lots of other boot sales in Northern Ireland. There's always a huge crowd and a lot of stalls and you'll be sure to come away with something or things that you completely didn't need......And that's excatly what happened to me! I was being relatively constrained and kept the purse strings tightened for a bit, until I bought one thing, then the wheels came off and I bought all round me! Must have been the country air, all the methane went to my head, I bought a vase, not one but two clocks, an American Tourister travel bag, a handbag, a tin and a deer ornament, oh I nearly forgot a children's book about cats, quite a car bootie lootie but not bad for a total expenditure of twenty quid.
This guy again, happy to pose for a photo!

Loving car boot season! (A little too much maybe!)

Hope you're having a great weekend, I'm off on a week holidays! Sweet

Thursday, 10 July 2014

There's always an alternative

So it's that time of year again . Traditional in Protestant areas bonfires are built and lit on the 11th of July. A LOT of pallets are used to build these bonfires but there's always an alternative if you choose to see things from a differnent outlook. Two pallets that I found out the back of work escaped a firey end by coming home with me. The big lad removed a couple of the slats and with some leftover paint I added a bit of colour. Filled with soil and some colourful plants and we now have a  raised flower bed. I love how this turned out, I have plans, just need a few more pallets..... it's annoying me everytime I go past a bonfire I just want to rescue a few more!

Check out Pinterest for loads more ideas with pallets! Inspired!
Hope you're all having a great week xxxx