Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The joys of skip diving

The house around the corner has a skip.......UH OH!
Half the stuff in said skip should not be in the skip. I felt it my duty to 'rescue' a couple of things before they end up in the dump. So far I've rescued a little black vanity case from the 1960s which I gave to my friend, two stools for our living room which I cleaned up and given a little makeover (I'll show you next time) a bag full of records and some pretty tea cups. The joy of skip diving! I think you'll agree these deserved a second chance....

 Off to watch Fill your house for free Like I need any incouragement!

Have you ever found anything good in a skip?
Hope you're all having a good week xxx


  1. Far too lovely to be skipped :( Lucky that you were able to rescue them :)

  2. My other half rescued the cutest little timber step ladder from a skip. it sits in our bathroom with a pot plant on top.

  3. They're lovely, well done for rescuing them! People always leave stuff by the communal recycling area by my block of flats, so far I've had a beautiful vintage dining chair, 2 shelving units, a wall shelf, vintage cat ornament and lots of photo frames!

  4. They're gorgeous and I'm very jealous of the skip quality in your neck of the woods. I passed one today and it was full of broken plastic plant pots, soil and wood. Not even worth a nosey let alone a dive!


Thanks for all your comments : )