Sunday, 6 July 2014

Off with the collar and cuffs

This was the post I had lined up before one cycle trip, a coffee and a cat took precedence, hey sometimes life gets in the way of blogging!
One day a while ago I got an email from a blog friend Mel she was in Belfast for the day and had a surprise parcel for me. I arrived home to find a parcel on the doorstep inside the brightest yellow 1970's dress and a note from Mel saying that she thought this dress was made for me! Mel was right I love this dress, the shape and colour are perfect and I love the checked fabric detail however I had issues with the collar. Maybe it's because I have short hair but the collars did not look right on me. So after altering the dress to fit my size I decided to remove the collar and cuffs, and I love it even more now and feel much more comfortable wearing it! Thank you so much Mel for this gorgeous dress! It will be loved and worn forever more and that's the joy of vintage!

On the subject of vintage fashion, Channel 4's programme This Old Thing hosted by Dawn O'Porter, all you vintage fashion lovers are you watching? Dawn's wardrobe for the show is divine I can't argue with that but  I would have liked to see some real life vintage wearing people like Vix or Curtise grace the screens, maybe next time channel 4 you'll feature vintage lovers not haters.

Have a great week everyone xxxx


  1. Hey, fab dress and great makeover! What a great surprise x

  2. Beautiful dress and I agree about This Old Thing - it's the prices I have an issue with. £120 for a vintage dress? Not quite the vintage I buy! x

  3. Great dress and even better after your makeover! I agree about This Old Thing ... could have been so much better.

  4. That dress is an absolute beauty and removing the collars was inspired, its much less fussy now. I love it.
    I wish This Old Thing concentrated more on the history of fashion and we saw more of gorgeous vintage clothes. I'd like to have seen more real life vintage enthusiasts featured rather than those feckless girls with more money than sense! I did have lots of customers who loved the show and were curious about vintage this weekend, though so maybe it'll be a good thing for sellers like me! xxx

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