Sunday, 13 July 2014

Granville Car bootie Lootie

Last month we took a little trip to the Granville car boot sale, the last time we'd been was back in 2012 eh? what happened last year? can't believe we didn't go in 2013! The boot sale happens every third Saturday, check out this list for lots of other boot sales in Northern Ireland. There's always a huge crowd and a lot of stalls and you'll be sure to come away with something or things that you completely didn't need......And that's excatly what happened to me! I was being relatively constrained and kept the purse strings tightened for a bit, until I bought one thing, then the wheels came off and I bought all round me! Must have been the country air, all the methane went to my head, I bought a vase, not one but two clocks, an American Tourister travel bag, a handbag, a tin and a deer ornament, oh I nearly forgot a children's book about cats, quite a car bootie lootie but not bad for a total expenditure of twenty quid.
This guy again, happy to pose for a photo!

Loving car boot season! (A little too much maybe!)

Hope you're having a great weekend, I'm off on a week holidays! Sweet

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