Saturday, 26 July 2014

Hem Raiser

I picked up a couple of cute dresses in the Cancer Resarch shop recently, they are identical in shape but with different patterns, beautifully handmade, but a little too long for my liking. So I decided to raise the hem by a few inches, I wacked a bit off and sewed it up only I think I took a bit too much off! A few inches had turned into more like 20! Whoops! I won't be bending down to pick anything up in this dress! I've yet to take the second dress up, think I'll be measuring a little move carefully!

Hope you're all enjoying a lovely weekend xxxx


  1. Lovely frock, the colours are lush. Great to see the Jones very first machine was exactly the same and I wish I still had it. Have a top weekend.x

  2. Getting hemlines the right length can be tricky I find.
    Love that your new dress matches your sewing machine. x

  3. Perfect length in my opinion. Bending down's over rated anyway...! x

  4. Much better shorter! xxx


Thanks for all your comments : )