Thursday, 26 June 2014

My Play Room

One of the best things I've done to our house is to make the spare room into a little sewing/craft room. Ever since I've been making and creating, I love to escape to my room, I'll turn on the radio and can happily spend hours in there. The craft room is always evolving most recently it became the craft room/wardrobe when Bob moved in, now she's moved on and I've spread out again, more space and time for more creating, here's a room tour

   These photographs were taken when I had just swapped the rooms around again, so it's looking extremely tidy! It's usually a bit of a riot! I hung a new curtain, added a shelf made from an old drawer my sister gave me, painted an apple crate white for another shelf, started growing my vintage tin collection, hung a gorgeous tea towel my aunt in America sent me and hung my tin hanging plant.

Hope you're all having a great week! xxxx


  1. Oooh, like your craft space! I'd love a space too but I'm not wishing the girls to leave home just yet so I'll have to wait a while! Mr Bea and I dream of a large garden room....half for him to produce his music and a much larger half (he doesn't know that bit yet!) for my sewing room, it's nice to have a dream! :) x

  2. Love how the white walls show off all your vintage treasures, meabh

  3. Hi Linda! Your craft room is gorgeous. It's great to have somewhere to disappear to and create. I always love all the colours and vintage treasures in your house. That hanging plant tin - amazing!! Have a great weekend. xx


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